Dead Soul Alliance (Can) “Slaves To The Apocalypse”

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Dead Soul Alliance are from Canada. It began as a project of musician Wolven Deadsoul. And its first release is from 2011. Since then and until now only came out one more release in 2013 and now in 2017 “Slaves To The Apocalypse” which I have the pleasure of listening and doing this review. What do we have here? Death Metal. In the old and good style. If the style should have stayed like this? I wil not go that way and I will not comment. I will simply comment on this very good EP that I have heard many times. Eheheheheh.A good voice has Mr. Wolven Deadsoul, I have to say. Very well done riffs. Some songs a little more “calm” others faster. Some more balanced, some more elaborate. Whatever the music of this release, I can only say that this work is very well done and very good at hearing it. I loved the song “Forged to Forfeit”. It reminded me of Death Metal that I listened to when I was younger. Yeah. Very good riffs. Although this release has reminded me of very old songs and bands, I noticed that they were also careful to try to give a slightly more personal touch and not just to “imitate” an old sound. The changes of rhythms and tempos, the riffs used, the way the voice is used, the drums very well played. They bring nothing new to the style but what they bring is quality, and that to me is what really matters. Well … Now that I’m writing more about this release, I’m remembering about riffs and melodies from the songs of this release. Awww … I do not know anymore, I can say that I loved the song “Forged to Forfeit” but songs like “Worlds Within Worlds” or “Slaves To The Apocalypse” and “Formula Misanthropia” are excellent, a proof of an excellent Death Metal and its changes of rhythms and tempos. Well … I just have to mention two more songs to be all here. ahahahahh I will not do it. You will make that decision and you will listen this band. Search and listen. I’m serious. It is worth … 8.5 / 10 By Me, Myself and I.