Lycanthropy (Rus) “A.V.R.E.I.L.”

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Lycanthropy is a blackened death metal band hailing out of Russia. Consisting out of members Gunner (guitars, bass), Furious (vocals) & Oleg I (drums). This band has definitely got a few under the belt with 4 demos, 2 compilations, 4 Ep’s, 3 splits and 6 full length albums to date.Their latest release 9 track album “A.V.R.E.I.L” Is definitely one for the collection if you love your hard blackened death metal sound.With song titles such as “Porn cunning bastard”, “Sexual sadism” and “Bondage slave bitch” it’s clear on the theme of this album.Good solid vocals with an intention of seduction.
Track 2 “Porn cunning bastard” & track 5 “Directive voices in head”, really grabbed my attention with solid riffage and deep growls. Track 4 “Sexual sadism” the intro kinda reminded me of Dark Funeral’s “Attera Totus Sanctus” but nonetheless unique in it’s own form. The only criticism I really have on this album is that the sound can be a little repetitive, but, I rank it 7.5/10. By Lady NeCrow
If you’re not familiar with this band, I suggest you check them out. Bandcamp link to A.V.R.E.I.L.