Clactonian #News #Stream

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Clactonian (feat. members of Thecodontion) first release on July 12th, 2024.

Clactonian are a newly formed international black/death metal force rising from the unholy lands of Italy and Finland, and are glad to present you their first ever demo release, titled ‘Dea Madre‘ (‘Mother Goddess‘ in Italian).

The title refers to the Paleolithic Venus, particularly the famous Venus of Willendorf, expression of health and fertility. The demo consists in three raw and ugly black/death metal hymns (sung in English and Italian) dedicated to the ancient Stone Age, plus a cover of seminal US black metal band Von.

Music-wise, Clactonian are massively influenced by Beherit and other bestial black metal acts like Blasphemy and Sarcofago. ‘Dea Madre’ also features elements taken
from 80’s black/death metal (early Bathory, Hellhammer) and bass-driven early 90’s black metal bands such as Barathrum and Necromantia.


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