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Crushing and suffocatingly heavy Texan Death Doom quartet VOID WITCH is finally back with the new album “Horripilating Presence”, a mosaic of inspirations that slithers across the whole spectrum of the genre and is not afraid to explore the beyond! The witch is ready to choke you again in the coils of her cloak. Succumb!

“Creating our debut album as a bunch of middle aged dads is an exercise in absurdity. Chained by responsibility, the mechanical habits of life, a lack of time and energy at the end of every long day, we pushed to write and record these songs over the course of a few years. This album exists because we needed it to exist, because our world-worn sanity needed a brief escape. We hope you enjoy this labor of absurdity.”

Void Witch is a doom/death collective out of Texas/US, formed from ex-members of Azoth, Shitstorm and Drainbow during the Years of Great Plague and conceived as a collective project to give unearthly voice to the gruesome maunderings of our corrupted and degenerate minds.
After a critically acclaimed demo in 2021, Everlasting Spew took them under its belt and crafted it on physical format with a new bonus track, in the meanwhile the Texas combo worked hard on the debut album set to be released on mid 2024.
Void Witch’s aesthetic is an unholy marriage of classic doom metal, old school death metal, and grunge sensibilities with themes of body horror, gruesome myth, murder ballads, and other cautionary tales.

2021 – “Demo” Demo
2022 – “Void Witch” Ep

For fans of:
Hooded Menace, Temple Of Void, Coffins, Druid Lord

Formats available:
– CD
– Vinyl (autumn 2024)
– Tape
– Digital

Technical info:
All music written by Void Witch.
All lyrics written by Luke.
Recorded by Void Witch and Andrew Hernandez at Arroyo Audio in Austin, TX.
Mixed by Andrew Oswald at Paradise Recorders in Los Angeles, CA.
Mastered by Max Lorenzen at Rare Ear in Lockhart, TX.
Album art courtesy of Jaime Zuverza.
Photography by Wendy Faz.
Void Witch logo courtesy of Misha Mono.

Luke – Throat & Fundament
Nic – Voids
Jason – Vibes
Adrian – Impact



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