Horn – Daudswiark

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Band: Horn
Album: Daudswiark
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Release date: May 3rd, 2024
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

For anyone who happens to be up to date with the realms of atmospheric and pagan black metal, the name ”Horn” has certainly become synonymous with high-quality music that gets better with every album, and dare I say, every song they put out. Their latest effort in particular left a strong mark on me, both musically and emotionally. It’s an inherent quality of good atmospheric black metal to touch the listener’s soul, every audition leaving you with a sense of longing and wonder. This is one of the things that this album does perfectly. It is raw, surprisingly simple at its roots, devoid of pretentious aspects, leaving behind just the sheer emotional power of the music. From my listens, I have discovered that this particular trait seems to be a trademark among German black metal in general, being one of the things that makes this scene so particularly appealing. Many albums to come out of Germany tend to have a certain feeling of age with them, even if they have been released in recent years, which often gives them a particularly authentic feel. Once again, Horn is no exception.

Daudswiark, although simple at its roots, contains exciting musical elements in all of the areas, from the riffs to the vocal quirks. Another pleasant surprise is the more obvious use of bass, that gives the music an additional layer of depth, along with an unexpected groovy feel at times, which makes the whole album all the more dynamic, which, in the end, helps ease the listen, although I wouldn’t consider this truly necessary, It’s more like an additional benefit of the songwriting as a whole. The drum work is nothing short of impressive. Although most of the songs feature more of a mid tempo, there is still plenty of variety and techniques used throughout, which complement the previously mentioned dynamism.

What I want to delve into the most, however, are, of course, the guitar work and the vocals, along with the song and overall album structure. Starting out with the guitar, I personally consider the riffs to be extremely catchy, definitely on the melodic side, but still with a certain edge to them, that gives the overall album that old school feeling we all know and love. They help portray a variety of emotions, ranging from glory to melancholy, with smooth transitions in between that help the songs flow beautifully, like a stream. They are also definitely memorable, making you reflect on what you have listened long after the music is finished. They could be considered the selling point of the album, from a certain point of view. This ties in directly to the album structures, as the emotions portrayed get more and more extreme and contrasting as the album advances, reaching day and night differences towards the end.

The vocal performance is nothing short of impressive. Mainly comprising of more mid tuned screams with an airy, yet powerful feel that helps them blend in with the instrumental while also managing to stand out, they are complimented by epic, almost clean passages in the vein of Kampfar that help accentuate the musical contrast even more, while also leaving room for wonder. These moments of wonder are sprinkled all throughout the songs, being more or less at the center of each track. Give them a listen, you’ll see what I mean.

To conclude, this album is definitely a must, which deserves its place on every black metal fan’s bucket list. It definitely delivers what it is supposed to, perhaps even more. If this review caught you eye, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Chances are you’ll share my high opinion of the record. 9.5/10 by Ioana



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