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Band: Violet Eternal
Single Title: Ember Flame
Country: Italy / Japan
Release Date: 02 April 2024
Label: Rockshot Records
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Single Review:

Violent Eternal “Ember Flame”: Unleashing our inner fire – A Melodic Metal Journey of Inner Strength and Resilience”

Join me in the enchanting realm of Violent Eternal‘s latest single, “Ember Flame”. Experience with me the fusion of melodic metal and oriental nuances, while the powerful voice of Ivan Giannini guides us through a poetic narrative about overcoming adversity. Witness a musical masterpiece that ignites the eternal fire that we all carry within us, as children of the stars”. By Elyna Steel

Violent Eternal is a project formed from the talent and collaborative efforts of two musicians from Italy and Japan respectively: the incredible Italian vocalist Ivan Giannini, known for his current participation in Vision Divine, Derdian and AirForce -and of whom I declare myself as a super fan – and Jien Takahashi, known for his previous work with Majustice. Together with bassist Ollie Bernstein (Illusion Force, Magic Opera) and guitarist Andrea Cappellari (Nekomata and former guitarist for Skeleton), the band gives us an exquisite sound experience that takes the best of melodic metal and fuses it with beautiful oriental overtones, creating a powerful and magical experience. Produced by Dennis Ward (Angra, Helloween), the debut album of these guys, “Reload The Violet” to be released in May 2024 promises a great impact on the global metal scene, with collaborations from renowned guest musicians such as Takao (MinstreliX), Gabriel Guardian (Immortal Guardian), keyboardist YUHKI, drummer Ryuya Inoue, and Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarious).

The stage is all set. So let’s delve fully into the incredible universe of Violent Eternal and their latest single, “Ember Flame”, running for 04:03 and released on April 2, 2024, via Rockshots Records.

This single has a beautiful, straightforward lyric video, with a lovely lady like the fine characters of Japanese animation, available on YouTube.

The story behind “Ember Flame” revolves around the fight, the internal fire that does not go out and the ability to overcome adversity. The embers, the flickering fire make us think about the ups and downs of life, with its trials and tragedies and us wrapped in doubt, regret and nostalgia for the passage of time, always relentless. The eternal flame is that fire, that inner strength that every human being has, which when ignited drives us to persevere, to face life no matter how terrible or complex it may be, even if “salvation evaporates”!

It is a story told by its protagonist – representing each of us – facing challenges and setbacks in the form of flames that flicker in the breeze, with a feeling of desperation and intense search for relief, which materializes in a catharsis of pain. symbolized by wounds -lacerations. Poetic, with vivid images, “Ember Flame” takes us on a journey of intense emotions. The “Creeping insane fire’s sensation with Glorious heat-filled foundation” transmits to me the certainty of the power of the internal fire, that unstoppable force that we all have inside. After all, we are Children of the Stars, whose fire never goes out, or does so too slowly.

“Ember Flame” is a journey inside, to the reunion with that stellar seed that allows the impetus of the human spirit to ignite, through and despite the chaos, the fatigue, and the passing of the years. He takes us by the hand and urges us to hold that ember flame firmly until the end of our journey through this plane called Life.

Beautiful and meaningful lyrics!

The song is pure melodic metal. It has a 4/4 time signature and shifts between slow and mid-pace rhythms, which adds dynamism to the narrative and highlights the impact of the message, at times very intense and at others more leisurely, inviting reflection. The notes at the beginning are in dark tones, and the pulses and riffs are fast and intense. The background keyboard unifies all the elements together subtly and elegantly. Then the tempo changes, accelerating as the guitars and bass are heard without distortion in the first verse, and Ivan Giannini appears on stage here, with a sweet, brief vocalization on a high note, then sings softly in a medium tone and semi-whispered voice in harmony with the second voice, much higher. Later, his voice becomes more aggressive and angry, almost reciting the lyrics while the rhythmic base features powerful attacks from the instruments and a similar dark tone at the beginning.

The chorus section marks a new change in tone and pulse, turning this portion into a beautiful melodic metal ballad. Beautiful and powerful rhythmic base, harmonic riffs and Ivan Giannini delighting in his powerful high register, accompanied by a second voice that is even higher and brighter. One of the characteristics I like most about this man’s voice is his raspy timbre, powerful and bright, impressive!

The following sections return to the structure of the pre-chorus and then the chorus, remaining stable until a solo section. Here we have several elements to highlight. First, powerful harmonic riffs are heard in dark tones along with the first, spaced drum rolls giving the vibe of a mysterious intro. Then, the rhythmic base unifies, becomes dense and powerful, then a brief and consistent acceleration of the drums. Later, we enter a guitar solo section, brief but wonderful. Harmonious slides and bright pickings that momentarily change the vibe of the song, making it more “luminous” – like a torch, or the flame of embers. Then the song returns to the previous denser and darker structure, to reach the final section, a longer chorus where the melody becomes nostalgic, the instrumentalization stands out in brightness and power and the voice is unleashed. We have Ivan tearing his spirit apart in these last lines, interpreting them with all feeling and power. The closing of this epic ride is a return to the beginning of the track, the dark, denser tone and the powerful rhythmic base, which gives a sensation of returning to the beginning of an eternal cycle – that of the eternal radiance of the inner fire, which seems to be extinguished but always returns to life, like the Phoenix bird that rises from the ashes – from among the ember flame.

In sum, “Ember Flame” by the mighty guys from Violent Eternal. seriously, it’s out of this world!

Its various nuances and textures, the power of the rhythmic base, the lyric that does not repeat a single line but narrates a journey into the Being in search of the ignition of eternal force in the form of an ember flame along with the impressive and always impeccable vocals from Italian giant Ivan Giannini make this single a must-see for lovers of melodic metal – for any true lover of metal in all its forms.

It’s a track that you can’t listen to just once because it grabs you, takes you by the hand and takes you on a journey. Guys, you rock! And your dear teacher Ivan, as always, dazzling with your impressive voice! Thank you for this journey, which especially these days hits very close to home for me. Thank you for reminding me that there is a fire burning somewhere in my spirit, no matter the external circumstance!

Therefore, it is an honour to rate Violent Eternal‘s “Ember Flame”: 10/10 Elynna



10/10 Immortal Classic
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