#Puteraeon Quindecennial Horror

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Band: Puteraeon
Title: Quindecennial Horror
Label: Emanzipation Productions
Release date:  8 March 2024
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-Quality Digital Recording 

I started listening to this EP by Puteraeon blindly, I mean, didn’t know about them, and what I’ve found is that it’s not new material from the band, but a selection of some of their old songs, now re-recorded, and they have been mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö. Puteraeon are now in their 15 years of existence and they wanted to celebrate it this way. And now that I’ve found them all I can say is now I’m hooked on them…

Distilling low-tuned Death Metal greatness, it’s obvious that these guys have been fed by the most notable bands in this genre. Their sound is intense, crushing, pure. Mostly about infectious riffs, guitars are chugging all the time along with vibrant bass lines, wrapping the 5 songs in this EP with worship to Old School Death Metal, and the distinctive Swedish mark.

Puteraeon was founded by Jonas Lindblood (guitars & vocals), and after three demos done all by himself, Anders Malmström (drums), Daniel Vandija (bass) and Hasse Sörensen (guitars) joined the band. Their lineup has remained the same through the years, with the exception of Sörensen: when he died in 2010 it was Rune Foss the one filling his void.

The songs often go from fast-paced drums to mid-paced tempos. The transitions are done naturally; now you are forced to headbang violently because of the relentless drum speed, and then it slows down and turns into a more ominous and contained rumble. You keep on headbanging, but slower.  Percussion is made with mastery. I particularly love “Storm Over Devil’s Reef” with all these toms rolls, and the cymbals constantly smashed. When the pace speeds up, it sounds like madness. 

“The Plague” was the first song these guys wrote for their 2008 demo “Fascination for Mutilation”, and you can feel all your bones crushed by the wrecking ball that this track is. Brutal riffs, glorious bass, overwhelming drums, and the kind of vocals that fit perfectly here: raspy, furious, spitting fire. 

“Whispers of the Dead” has a brutal start (is this amount of blast beats enough?), and an underlying wish for you to shatter your neck. That animal scream tears me up! I’m diving into this Old School Death Metal with a mischievous grin and violent headbanging, so I want to listen more!

The third track, “Graverobber”,  is not that fast but its sound is ominous and thick. You can’t escape from the sonic walls made of skulls, bones, and rotting corpses that are now surrounding you.

The song “Dead Once More” has a splendid bass playing all through it, I definitely love this. Talking about lyrics, all you can expect about a title like that: “Do you remember / the pain of being alive / choking on puss/maggots within your skin”… Ahh isn’t it delicious?

And to end this EP, “Storms over Devil’s Reef” (which is the opening song from their debut album back in 2011), a furious spell in order to summon the darkest and evil forces. If you listen to this track 666 times on repeat, it will probably do. 

It’s a great EP that has made me “discover” Puteraeon. In fact, I checked it after seeing several people talking about it on social media. I’m really glad I did! This deserves 9/10 Sílvia




9/10 Epic Storm
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