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Orv from Budapest, Hungary, announced a new EP, which will be released on digital and CD on April 14th by Iron Blood and Death Corporation. The EP is entitled “Calmness is Pretence”

With a length of over 25 minutes, the four songs of Calmness is Pretence vary between fast-paced black metal and slow, doomy parts with occasional death metal elements. 

Orv’s style is firmly rooted in black metal, but interspersed with melodic grandeur, melancholy, and elements of death-doom metal.  With a mixture of Finnish/Swedish, sometimes Dissection-esque black and Peaceville Three influences, Orv respects musical traditions but tries to develop its own distinctive voice with each release. 

The lyrics deal with various aspects of human misery, the clash between inner gloom and the misery of the world as well as the insignificance of the moment in comparison to the powerful forces of nature. 

1. State Of Great Turmoil
2. A Fissure Beneath          
3. I Have Come With The Fall
4. Hollowed Songs     

Orv was founded in 2018 and since then the band has released two EPs (digital). Based in Budapest, Hungary, the band was formed by Tamás Fider (guitar, drums, vocals) and Attila Gyulai (bass), who have been making music together in various bands for several years. Tidal, the band’s first output, was released in 2019, followed by the four-track EP A Crowning of Misery in 2021. The band’s name Orv comes from the Hungarian language and means deceitful, furtive, underhand, shady, nefarious, devious. 



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