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Evil Will Bless announce the surprise release of their second EP of atmospheric Black Metal

Uriel Spake Plainly is the second release in a trilogy of lo-fi raw and atmospheric Black Metal recordings. The EP is now in #PreOrder via #Bandcamp’s band and is set for 26 April 2024 Digital and #TapeFormat.

“In creating this suite of songs, we thought about it as though we were making a short film. There are opening and closing tracks akin to the opening and closing credits of a movie. And between them there is a rather impressionistic story about a man whose failure to live up to his own lies leads him to his doom,” said bandleader Srogi Mroczek.

The man in the story is the 16th-century alchemist, seer, and charlatan Edward Kelley.
Uriel Spake Plainly were the first words recorded by Queen Elizabeth’s court astrologer John Dee in his diary regarding his and Kelley’s first attempts to make contact with angels. Their perilous and infamous occult shenanigans have over the centuries come to be codified as Enochian Magic.

Uriel Spake Plainly is the second in a planned trilogy of Black Metal releases by Evil Will Bless. The first was the lo-fi and atmospheric And the Gods Shook.


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