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Mórnu signs with Ground Media Group: Pre-order and Full EP Album Stream

Atmospheric Black Metal band Mórnu unveil their debut EP “The Unearthly Becomes Inherent” in its entirety with a pre-order for physical copies, ahead of its official release this February 23rd on Ground Media Group (Finland).

The Unearthly Becomes Inherent will be available in physical format on February 23rd, 2024. The EP is also available for full streaming at Atmospheric Black Metal Albums

The album includes 2 tracks and 21 minutes of dark, atmospheric Black Metal in the veins of Deathspell Omega, Blaze of Perdition and Funeral Mist to name a few.

The Unearthly Becomes Inherent will be available via all major digital distributors worldwide like spotify, iTunes etc.

“The first chapter deals with the disciple’s ordeals on his path of transformation to awaken the Dark Divinity. The EP ends with an act of Theophaneia and the disciple’s ascension beyond the veil of structured cosmos.” Says Mórnu

From the first seconds of ”Ordeal” I was hooked. The atmosphere and structure is well build. In all its mystery, ”Mórnu” offers a really dark atmosphere that takes the listener into the dark deep depths. If you are fan of atmospheric and mystic stuff, you will love it. I recommend closing your eyes and letting the atmosphere take you with you. Comments Ground Media Group

1. Ordeal
2. Theophaneia

Running time: 20:48
Recommended for fans of Deathspell Omega, Wolves in the Throne Room, Funeral Mist, Blaze of Perdition



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