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Hello there,

And here I am again. The first edition of the year 2024. The year started well and I already had the pleasure of listening to a lot of very new good music, also revisited a few old albums. I choose the next 3 releases and I hope you enjoy it

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Band: Andracca
Title: Spite and Kill
Label: Vendetta Records
Release date: 19 January 2024
Country: United Kingdom
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Uh la la. Yes, that is true. Uh la la. Very good. The atmosphere created all over the album, the riffs, the sound production of the same, I can listen to all instruments without mixing my stereo equalization perfectly. Thank you for that. The voice is not so high and it is a very good one. I can only say that is another very damn good album released by Vendetta Records. Check it.

Band: Karnak Seti
Title: Restos
Label: Independent
Release date: 12 January 2024
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

To be more exact, the band is from Madeira Island and it is a Portuguese territory (a note to the ones that said that was an independent country). Moving forward… Not the best release of them to be honest, I have some releases of them, and this one, once again, is not the best one to be true. Anyway, I can say that catchy, with a lot of groove too. The band still moves inside the Melodic Death Metal with a lot of Thrash Metal mixed. If you are a fan of Terror 2000, The Defaced, Soilwork (first albums), Darkane, Carnal Forge, etc. This is for you and they deserve a listen.

Band: Mourning Dawn
Title: The Foam of Despair
Label: Aesthetic Death
Release date: 12 January 2024
Country: France
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

My expectations about this band are always high. The reason? Well, the first two albums of them are amazing damn good albums. So, unfortunately, I always expect better or the same, and compare the albums released after those two. Not the correct I know, but… This album that will be released next week is good but, is still missing the touch of the first two albums. The riffs on this album are good, the voice is good, the very good Doom Metal is there, and the songs are good, but in my humble opinion is missing the Black Metal touch that was in the band’s past. They were doing one of the best mixes of Black Doom Metal in France. Even so, I advise the band and you should check them.

See you next week and…

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