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While the band is getting ready for their 1st real tour PREDATORY VOID are releasing a special treat, “Live at dunk!studios – Part I”, that is showing the band live in the studio. It is just a taste of what you can look forward to live. Included is a special acoustic version of the song “Seeds of Frustration” performed only by Lennart Bossu (guitar) and Lina R. (vocals). “Live at dunk! studios” was directed and edited by Diana Lungu and you can watch it.

All songs are live in the studio versions of songs taken from their debut album, “Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being”, that was released to much acclaim in April of this year.

Make sure to catch their captivating live show on one of the following dates:

12.11.23 (BE) Eeklo – N9
15.11.23 (DE) Hamburg – Headcrash
16.11.23 (DE) Bochum – Die Trompete
17.11.23 (DE) Halle / Saale – Deep Sound City Fest
18.11.23 (CZ) Prague – Strahov 007
20.11.23 (DE) Karlsruhe – Jubez
21.11.23 (CH) Düdingen – Bad Bonn
22.11.23 (CH) Aarau – KIFF
23.11.23 (DE) Neunkirchen – Stummsche Reithalle
07.12.23 (NL) Den Haag – Paard
09.12.23 (BE) Genk – De Duystere Markt
13.01.24 (BE) Charleroi – Rockerill
18.01.24 (NL) Eindhoven – Blue Collar Hotel

PREDATORY VOID came to be when guitarist Lennart Bossu (AMENRA, OATHBREAKER) found himself writing material that wasn’t really suited for AMENRA. Lennart gathered a group of likeminded people living in the area of Ghent (BE): the versatile vocalist and tattoo artist Lina R, Tim De Gieter (bass; AMENRA, DOODSESKADER, MUCH LUV STUDIO), Thijs De Cloedt (guitar; COBRA THE IMPALER), and Vincent Verstrepen (drums; CARNATION).
Lina R – vocals
Lennart Bossu – guitar
Tim De Gieter – bass
Thijs De Cloedt – guitar
Vincent Verstrepen – drums



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