#Chaînes Les litanies des chaînes

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Band: Chaînes
Title: Les litanies des chaînes
Label: Amor Fati Productions
Release date:  31 October 2023
Country: Belgium
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Chaînes is another project, a one man band or how you want to call it, by the extremely prolific musician Déhà. And what can you find here? Well, this is a Black Metal album and you can expect nothing but fierceness, direct aggression to your ears, rigorous riffage, blasting drums, and savage vocals. You want more? 

You have MORE. At times, it seems that everything is so full of rage that there’s not much space to breathe. Oppressive atmospheres surround you, just let the album begin, “La fange existe dans nos coeurs” (“The mire exists in our hearts”) is a song that hits hard. Repetitive riffs and drums that never stop in their commitment, blast beats and cymbals crashing with energy, also a fuming bass pedal, and the animal-like screams, everything provided by Déhà… That’s a wild ride to start with!

The truth is that after this first attack, I didn’t know if the level would be the same all through the album. Well, believe me: it is. Not a single second of mildness, only riffs that will devour your brain, drums that will roll over you like an overloaded truck, and vocals that seem to emerge from a torn throat. Oh yes, this man knows how to scream desperately… long and brutal screams, to summon all demons… 

I like how the guitars harmonize together, well I don’t have any music theory knowledge, I only know when something is good to my ear. And this album is a very good listen for me. It happens that the most aggressive and dark music is the most soothing sound for me; and I know that many of you feel the same…

At some points, the screams seem to be over the music, other times they are just wrapped by the riffs and blast beats, going all together to enchant you in a wild way. “De vermine et de fer” (“Of vermin and iron”) seems to find a balance, and in the middle of this track there’s a short “soft” passage followed by a torn scream that lasts an eternity… At the end of this song you’ll find asking yourself “what the fuck just happened here?”, as you try to catch your breath. The main riff is so addictive… vicious, I’d say.  

As I said before, the level of roughness is maintained all through the album. There are times I feel like I’m listening to riffs coming from the 90s, because of their classic vibes. What I love the most about this work is that, by listening to it with my eyes closed, I feel comforted, like in a familiar place. This is the power that Chaînes hides beneath its naked and sincere display of brutality: music of solace for tortured souls.

With no doubt, Déhà is a person that has a lot of things to say and he expresses himself through music. Apart from being so prolific, he is very skilled with all instruments and vocals too, and even if I know I’ll never be able to check all his music even if I lived three lives, at least I’m glad with what I’m currently listening to.  For me, this album deserves 9/10   Sílvia 



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