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FFO: Midnight, Venom, Devil Master, The Misfits, and horror movies

Spawned in the shadows of Kentucky, BLACK KNIFE have sharpened their caustic collision of evil punk and black metal since 2016. This Halloween season, these Lexington hellraisers team up with Wise Blood Records and Mercenary Press to conjure their deadly 3rd full-length record, tastelessly titled Baby Eater Witch.

The numbers speak for themselves: 9 splits/EPs and 2 full-length rippers in only 7 years. Their prolific discography is a testament to their restless, undead DIY spirit. That tenacity was on full display when Black Knife first collaborated with Wise Blood on the Faster Than the Fucking Devil four-band split (2022). They sold the damn thing out before you could shout FUCK ME JESUS. While that split series is known for being focused on black thrash, BLACK KNIFE’s approach is steeped in punk bedlam. 

“I would say we take our favorite parts of wild and sleazy Thrash, Punk, Black Metal, and trashy Rock riffs,” shares vocalist/guitarist Hellwulv. “We drop them all in one toxic stew to form BLACK KNIFE. We also add a good portion of horror movie influence for good measure as well.”

The horror components of BLACK KNIFE’s new record are right there on the cover, ingesting an infant. Baby Eater Witch is a title certain to cause double-takes so vicious they snap spines. The gruesome, godless cover art by Eyedust welcomes blasphemy charges with horns raised high.

“The whole concept came from an old painting of a swamp witch in a cave about to cook a baby in her cauldron that I came across,” Hellwulv recalls. “Seeing that and loving all things Halloween, it really started to speak to me for a cool title track and overall vibe for the album. The original cover was going to be just a close-up image of the teeth crunching into a baby like a Big Mac, then the direction changed. But not by much! If I walked into a record store and saw that album cover, I would buy that album without hesitation, even without hearing the first song.”

Black Knife will curse your speakers and headphones when Baby Eater Witch crawls from the cauldron on October 30th, 2023. Available on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, and Digital from Wise Blood Records (USA) and Mercenary Press (UK).

Black Knife is: 
Hellwulv : Guitar/Vocal
Bast : Bass
Thumbcutter : Drums/Vocal

Recorded By Richard Brinegar
Mixed And Mastered By Jason Groves At Sneak Attack Studios
Additional Electronics By Andrew Quitter
Cover Art By Eyedust
Layout By David Jaggar



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