#KörgullTheExterminator Built to Kill

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Band: Körgull the Exterminator
Title: Built to Kill
Label: Xtreem Music
Release date: 1 August 2023
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

If a band takes their name from a Voivod song, you know what you can expect from their music, right? Ah yes, a cheesy Power Metal album with plenty of melodic guitar harmonies, majestic clean vocals reaching top of heights, happy lyrics talking about rainbows and unicorns, and… What? Wait… are you trying to say I’m wrong??

Totally. Körgull the Exterminator plays a blend of Thrash and Black Metal that blow your mind with no mercy. They play fast, hard, harsh, spitting fury through Lilith Necrobitch vocals, and the music is pure aggression seasoned with a lot of evil, served in a plate full of dark and strong sauce.

(Nothing against Power Metal, I like this genre, but as you cleverly imagined this is not what this band is about.)

Mark Wild and Ghorth totally burn their guitars with those infectious riffs, applying all their energy into getting an infernal and obscure sound, while Javi Bastard fills each hollow and also underlines guitars with his powerful bass. The result is incredibly addictive. And what about Joe Bastard, pulverizing his drum kit with no mercy, his beats are damn fast and everything is destroyed in his convulsed frenzy.

Devil’s Sea” is the first attack from this album, and you can feel the destructive power of Körgull after a minute and a half intro, which leads you to pure insanity. Their sound is punching your guts like some “classic” bands were doing in their beginnings, when Thrash and Black Metal were wild and furious, more extreme, more obscene… They manage to sound primitive in 2023, and this is a big accomplishment in my opinion. When it seems that Metal can sound extremely clean and polished, here comes Körgull the Exterminator with all its roughness.

The Nine Circles of Hell” is a perfect example of what I’m saying: guitars playing “dirty” riffs (hey good solo by the way!), and bass adding its low and thick vibration. Drums are always steaming, adding the high speed needed for this track to sound totally ablazing. And vocally, I’d dare to say that Necrobitch nails it with those squeals à la Schmier… Yeah, she does this!

Exterminator” is another killer track, total old vibes, those infectious riffs… well, there’s no a single song sounding weak, I can’t have my head still (in fact, any part of my body) while listening to the highly destructive “Death to Human Race”, I feel part of the swirl of annihilation running towards the streets and literally obliterating all life from the Earth’ surface. Woahh and feels so good! The closing theme is “Count Estruch”, and the final assault is simply delicious.

As if all this was not enough, take a look at the impressive cover art done by Alastor Antiart, it has exactly the same vibes as the music. Woah!!

Well… do yourself a favour and don’t sleep on this album, and the power of fury unleashed will allure you! For me it’s 9/10 Sílvia


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9/10 Epic Storm
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