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 For fans of AMON AMARTH!

“Rise Up Clan”, the first important milestone for Raven Banner, was produced by Alexander Backlund (Soen, In Mourning, October Tide) in Fascination Street Studios, where world-renowned producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Sepultura, Kreator) took care of mixing and mastering. The end result is an album filled with Viking warriors and bloodthirsty gods, ready to conquer the hearts of metal enthusiasts everywhere.

Commenting on the forthcoming release, Raven Banner shared their excitement, stating, “It’s been a long road here, but we are thrilled for you to finally join us on this journey! ‘Rise Up Clan’ is an unrelenting album taking listeners on an epic voyage through the realms of our Scandinavian heritage.”

Drawing inspiration from the vast mythological tapestry of the area, Raven Banner‘s sound combines ferocious melodies, powerful rhythms, and captivating storytelling. Each track on “Rise Up Clan” tells a tale of bravery and defiance that resonates with metal fans all over the world.

Album tracklisting:
01 Rise Up Clan
02 Never Yield
03 Sound The Horns
04 Beware The Fury
05 No Hero’s Death
06 Thor’s Anthem
07 Hordes Of Vikings
08 Gutbound
09 Raven’s Call
10 Twilight of the Gods

Formed in 2021 in Skåne, Sweden, Raven Banner comprises seasoned veterans of earlier viking raids, driven by an unwavering passion for metal. Their aim is to raise horns and raze cities, leaving an indelible mark on the global metal scene. With their debut album, Raven Banner seeks to fly the flag of metal across the nine worlds, inviting all viking warriors to join their clan.


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