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EXILED HOPE Release New Single “Blood Of The Ancients”

EXILED HOPE, the solo symphonic metal project of  Sofia Frasz has released their new single “Blood of the Ancients” on all streaming platforms. The song is taken from the album Apocrypha which is set to be released in 2024. 

With two full albums and an EP, EXILED HOPE spans multiple styles within (and beyond) the metal genre, from the ferocious, blackened chaos of DIMMU BORGIR and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, to the Romantic whimsy of NIGHTWISH and KAMELOT. The project weaves tales of adventure and mystery through a series of metal concept albums and acoustic/orchestral EPs. Her work has attracted the attention of established collaborators such as UK melodic death metal band STEEL FORGE (for whom she composes music and lyrics), UK short film creator John H. Shelton (for whom she composes musical scores), and UK singer-songwriter METAL MATT.

Apocrypha, features longtime collaborators as well as new voices, including Matt Cousins (METAL MATT), Brendon Moran (IMPERATOR MORTEM), and Joshua Dalviken. The album tells the story of an unwitting immortal searching for purpose in an unlife that is draining him of his humanity and tempting him toward darkness. With a nuanced balance between extreme metal and delicate folk influences, Apocrypha offers something for metalheads of all stripes.

Sofia comments about the song:

“After I released my second album, Angel of Greytown, I took about a year off of making my own original music to just practice and develop my skills. I had a clear idea of what I wanted the third album to sound like, but I didn’t have the skills to take the next steps into a new direction. “Blood of the Ancients” is the first look into the heightened, more dramatic style I had wanted to create for years, but which I had lacked the ability to create until recently. The whole idea behind Exiled Hope as a project was for everything to sound as authentically like myself as possible, but I felt like I had hit a wall and that my skills were too limited for me to express myself in the ways I wanted to. “Blood of the Ancients” is the proud, triumphant culmination of over a year spent learning to become a more expressive, versatile, sincere artist.”

Sofía Frasz: All instruments, Vocals (2019-present)


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