#Infinity The Untamed Hunger

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Band: Infinity
Title: The Untamed Hunger
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Release date: 23 June 2023
Country: Netherlands
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

It was with great enthusiasm that when opening my list of received promos, I came across the new album by this excellent band.

Infinity, is a band that I’ve followed since the beginning of their career, and gentlemen, there isn’t a single release that has disappointed me until today.

A band that started in 1995 if I’m not mistaken, but the first demo/release was only in 1998. Then it took a few years and in 2002 the second demo came out, and then from there 7 albums and a compilation.

From the first release until today, the musical quality of the band, which always started out good, is getting better, and more elaborate, the melody in the songs is more refined, and the voice is getting better. It is a case of saying that experience and practice make you better and better.

Despite this band being from Holland, I never “compared” it with other bands from the same country, because in my opinion they always had a different sound, they have more melody, and other influences, in this case Scandinavian, you can’t deny that, the way of playing, not being as “raw” as most bands from the Netherlands. However and attention, there are many bands, of which I am aware that, even though they are Dutch, do not have the “typical” sound of that country, but that will be another conversation to have another time.

Continuing to talk about Infinity and that’s what I’m here for, and I’m going to try to put into words what I felt listening to this album over and over again.

To begin, the album starts with “Lord of the Earth”, a song, strong, powerful, very powerful, fast, and melodic, and makes my ears almost full with so much quality. Some excellent riffs and drums in a majestic rhythm with passages of time and riffs made my head shake in sync with the music, as it had not been with many albums heard until today. In the slower parts it was my foot that commanded the rhythm of my body… Very good.

I thought the second song will start soon as I saw the last seconds of the first song and boom… “Ortus Luciferi” starts… oh my… Infinity plays. Do you want a melody? Infinity has. Do you want a dry, majestic voice, a little rotten too? Infinity also has that. Do you want a few more “quiet” moments before the devastation? Infinity also has. An excellent song, with many passages and time changes, with a lot of quality, melody, brutality too… Infinity managed to show all of this and show that even today outstanding Black Metal is made and that the “old men” are still here to give many cards in the “game”. This song is very good.

“Hakathriel” the third song of this album, starts differently, calmer, and more mid-tempo despite some fast moments, but in a thoughtful way due to the lyrics and their meaning. The lyrics are very well done, and the music fits on the lyrics very well, and/or vice versa. It made me search again on some websites I know about the stories of fallen angels and archangels… It made me remember many things. Thank you very much.

“Infernam Aeternam” and here we go again… Foot on the accelerator, and we’ll listen to fast Black Metal with passages and tempo changes that sometimes you don’t even expect, because you’re enjoying a riff and suddenly it changes, some excellent leads even if they are sometimes short, the voice is still powerful, just like in the previous songs. Very good, will this be the best song on the album, I start to think while my body feels the music and can’t stop.

However, I “stop”, I recall the songs already played and I comment to myself that there are still two songs to go… Will these ones be as good as what I’ve heard so far? Will these “old men” band be able to maintain the quality? Will I enjoy what comes next? Will the last slices of this excellent cake that I have been “tasting” until now be as good as the previous ones?

Yeah… How to say…
“The Untamed Hunger” and “The Cold Silence Beyond”, the fifth and sixth songs respectively are… How to say, trying to choose the correct synonyms for what I felt, feel, and will feel whenever I listen to this album… complicated, believe me… These last two songs are the cherry on the top of the cake. A cake of excellent quality, excellent composition, excellent harmony, excellent melody, excellent riffs, excellent rhythms, excellent tempo changes, excellent drum breaks, excellent voice, all together… Well, without a doubt for me, Makes the album, “The Untamed Hunger” to date, the best Black Metal album heard/released in this year 2023. Without a doubt… 10/10 The Key Keeper 666

PS: For those who don’t know the band, I give some tips about bands that follow the same line…
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10/10 Immortal Classic
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