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Hellgrimm – The Hunger Stoner Rock / Metal from USA.
CD released on June 15, 2021 / Burning V Records

Hellgrimm is a power trio forged in 2018 that delves into the darkness of addictions, death, and demons with stories both fictional and based in truth. The rhythmic melodies are punctuated by haunting solos, and a piercing voice gives hope that there may be paths out of the darkness.

Nostalgia for the 1970s stadium rock era weaves through this gut punch of guitar wizardry weaving spells of destruction and searing vocals rising from the chaos. Hellgrimm fights demons with their music, both real and imagined, physical and psychological. 

Hellgrimm released its first full-length album, “The Hunger,” in June 2021, and three EPs; the self-titled debut (March 2019), “Elysium” (February 2020) and “Hellgrimm: Live” (March 2021).

Hellgrimm has had the honor of opening for such acts as Geoff Tate, Powerman 5000, (hed) p.e., Dizzy Reed (Guns & Roses), Michale Graves, Tommy DeCarlo (Boston), Vicious Rumors, Pissing Razors, and Goatwhore.

Writer/guitarist Jerry Connor began his music obsession in his teens on South Padre Island, Texas. After years of playing in local bands, his world turned upside down when a fateful accident almost cost him his left hand and his life. Following two major surgeries, many doctors told him he would never play guitar again. Undeterred, Jerry studied music theory and composition at the University of Texas Pan American in hopes of becoming a composer.

Jerry rehabilitated his hand through years of relentless practice and was able to play guitar once again, moving around the country to work with national acts. In 2002, he landed in San Antonio, Texas, and began writing the music that would conjure the band, Hellgrimm.

Drummer/bassist/vocalist Erica Missey fell in love with music watching her grandfather and uncle play guitar in her childhood. She started playing trumpet when she was eleven and enjoyed playing through high school and college.

After years of concentrating on her art career (animation credits include “Space Jam” and “The Prince of Egypt), Erica returned to making music as a bassist. She met Jerry Connor in 2002 and joined him to form the band Monkeysoop. After years of playing bass and finding her voice, Erica switched to drums in 2010 and became the primary singer when Hellgrimm was conceived in 2018.

Hellgrimm has the aid of talented bassists Joshua Pechawer and Adrian Cavazos and drummer Robert Garcia at shows.

Hellgrimm’s third album and first full-length LP features ten tracks written in 2018-19 and recorded in 2020 with Jerry Connor on guitar and Erica Missey on vocals and drums and both musicians sharing bass tracks. “The Hunger” also includes five bonus songs recorded live in early 2021 with Jerry Connor on guitar, Erica Missey on vocals and bass, and Robert Garcia on drums. “The Hunger” is available for downloads and streaming now and will be available on CD soon late June 2021.


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