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Grohot is a Romanian black metal band and they launched a new song called “Ashes of Bloodlust”. It follows the precedent narrative story from the precedent single called “Blood Sun”.

Both songs also take part in a future EP. This is the first ever EP containing the following artists: Robert Apostoliu, Octav from ‘Akral Necrosis’ and Naomi Simeria.

The artwork was signed by Maria Zaharia.

Grohot became official in 2019 in Comanesti, County Bacau, addressing an old school type of black metal. They are also inspired by the entire spectrum of extreme metal.

Their very first EP launched in 2021, called “Creatio ex Nihilo” translated from latin, meaning ‘Creation from Nothing’, was made by the original members of the band. The EP was relatively successful and received a positive feedback in the underground. However, the band did not last long and the only member left was the founder, Robert. He never gave up on the project and it all paid off when Octav and Naomi joined the band.


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