#BAZUndergroundUpdates CLVIII

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Hot darn, is it Tuesday again already??

So, let’s see what’s out there…

OSI AND THE JUPITER Just two days ago Osi and the Jupiter premiered its fifth album Cedar and Sage: Riders of the Gallows Vol. 1 via Eisenwald! Scheduled for a release this coming Friday, rumour has it the vinyl first press is almost sold out, so make sure you have quick hands! Head over here to give the album a listen, and make sure to check out the remaining tour dates Osi and the Jupiter is currently on alongside Grift!

ONHEIL The Dutch blackened death metal group Onheil has a brand new video out now titled Night Terror, taken from their album In Black Ashes which is scheduled for a release on June 23rd this year via Black Lion Records! Head over here to check out the video, and of course here to order the album!

NON SERVIAM Our good friends from Non Serviam recently had their new single and video premiered with Cvlt Nation titled Prends Moi Dans Tes Bras from the upcoming Death Ataraxia, which will be out on June 2nd! Head over here to check out the video!

BLACK LION RECORDS As April is more than halfway passed, we would like to remind you all that the spring sale is still going on over at Black Lion Records, which offers 50% off with the code blacklion50. Head over here to check out the selection!

NEUROT RECORDINGS One of our long-term favourite segments continues, as Neurot Recordings has chosen a new album for this week´s Pay What You Can offer! This week it´s Mass VI by Amenra, so make sure you head over here to claim your copy and simply pay what you want!

POISONED BLOOD San Francisco’s Nuclear War Now! Productions have just added several titles including the forthcoming Sign of Final Massacre by Poisoned Blood. Aimed at fans of Sodom and Bathory you can listen to a sample track here where you can also order a copy on limited vinyl.

WELKIN Drawing themes from ancient Chinese myths Emblems of Valour by Singaporean black metal group Welkin is available now on China’s Pest Productions. The album comes in a limited colour vinyl edition, CD and digital. Listen to the album in full and order a copy here. Don’t harpoon your neighbours with a two-metre spear though, that’s not socially acceptable these days.

DEATHGRAVE What better way to start your day than with a nice fresh glass of freshly squeezed grindcore! Coming via California’s Tankcrimes label, It’s Only Midnight is the new album by Deathgrave, featuring such delightful numbers as “Sewer Runs Through Her” and “Rats are Back” you can listen to the album in full here and follow the links to purchase a copy on cassette, CD and various limited vinyl options.

Having to pay gigantic sums for international postage is a real gear grinder.

While it’s our default setting to link Bandcamp pages in the case of new and pre-releases, we thought it would be helpful to add some online stores that might provide a useful alternative.

So if you see a release you fancy, but it’s being sold in a far off land and you don’t want to fork out on exorbitant shipping, see if any of the links below can remedy the situation.

Dark Essence (Norway) Dark Essence (US)

Deathwish (EU) Deathwish (US)

Direct Merch (Australia)

eOne Heavy (EU) eOne Heavy (UK) eOne Heavy (US)

Ipecac (EU) Ipecac (US)

Metal Odyssey (EU) Metal Odyssey (US)

Napalm Records (Germany)

Prophecy Productions (Germany) Prophecy Productions (US)

Rough Trade (UK) Rough Trade (US)

Season of Mist (EU) Season of Mist (US)

Southern Lord (EU) Southern Lord (US)

Throne Records (World)

Transcending Obscurity (EU) Transcending Obscurity (US)

Its as if there is no limit to bands and labels these days, working hard on bringing us fun activities, music and fabulous merch, and so of course, don’t we sort of owe it to them to take advantage of it all?

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**