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For today, well, I only bring you one reco… The reason… Read it…

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Band: Azaghal
Title: Alttarimme on luista tehty
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Release date: 24 February 2023
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

It is a band that in the past followed as a real fan of, but suddenly I was losing the trail, not because I did not like the releases they were doing but because I just stopped following, because I got to know new bands, could not follow all the bands that I was meeting, bands that were making new releases, etc. It was in a natural and not purposeful way. The latest listened release was the 2012 album “Nemesis”. As such, I lost all some splits, albums, compilations …
So when this album was announced and I received the promo, I had to listen, and I had to listen to everything I lost between these years …

This album was a good surprise, unlike the times I listened to Azaghal, lost in my opinion a bit of their raw, direct, and rotten sound, something that in my opinion was a trademark of theirs, but after listening to the beginnings and reaching this album, I noticed the band’s evolution process, I tried to understand, the way they do the song today and balls … What I have lost … Anyway …

So, this week I have been listening to Azaghal, and almost only Azaghal, It was boring? No way. It was amazing, to be honest, some memories came again to my head, good music moments happened, my ears were in a real pleasure, so… My friends, follow this band, listen to the old material, and listen to this album just released because it is really worth it.



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