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Another Tuesday, another cycle! It wouldn’t be a real Tuesday after all if our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Osman weren’t ready with a brand new installment of The Underground Updates, now would it?

So, let’s see what’s out there…

NEUROT RECORDINGS As so many times before Neurot Recordings has picked another weekly album for their Pay What You Can offer and this week it’s the album Deafbrick by Deafkids & Petbrick! Head over here to claim your copy now and simply pay what you can!

BLACK LION RECORDS The February sale over at Black Lion Records is still valid for another week, which gives us a whopping 50% off everything throughout February! Simply use the code blacklion50 at checkout right over here!

SELF MUTILATION SERVICES There are still two weeks left on the 30% discount over at Self Mutilation Services, so make sure you head over here to check out the selection they carry and use the code feb30 at checkout!

AZAGHAL Just last week the Finnish black metal band Azaghal had their upcoming 12th full length album, Alttarimme on Luista Tehty, premiered via Immortal Frost Productions, which you can still listen to right over here! Scheduled for a release this coming Friday, you can also head over here to place your order!

CULT OF FIRE Prague’s esoteric, atmospheric black metal group has just put out a new EP — Om Kali Maha Kali — and it’s an intriguing blend of harsh, extreme metal, eastern mysticism and melodies. Check it out here, where you can also peruse 15 other releases from the band’s extensive catalogue.

GRAVEHUFFER The fantastically named Gravehuffer are a band hard to pigeonhole. On their latest release — Depart From So Much Evil, out now on Black Doomba Records— Missouri’s crust/metal/sludge/doom merchants release what they describe as “our attempt at writing something epic, and we hope you’re along for the ride. There’s still plenty of intensity to go around for all the maniacs regardless!” Intensity? For sure. It’s a wild, strange ride. Check it out here.

DODSSANG TEMPEL If you see a release coming from Germany’s Dunkelheit Produktionen, you can bet it won’t pull any punches. In the case of Dodssang Tempel calling their forthcoming release (out 20th of March) Psalms Of Damnation And Hatetells you it’s going to be pretty intense anyway. Harsh, foreboding, distressing noise. Mmmmm yum. Check out the preview tracks here and pre-order a copy so that you can bring your neighbours to their knees.

TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY It’s been a while since we drew your attention to what’s going on at Transcending Obscurity. The label continues to put out a stream of powerful extreme metal releases. You can also depend on a hearty dose of merch to go with every album the label puts out. So if you need to update your extreme metal wardrobe for the next gigs in your calendar, check out what t-shirts, jackets, shorts and hoodies and all sorts are available on the label’s merch page here — the forthcoming album by Greek black metal unit Decipher is just release you can decked out for.

Having to pay gigantic sums for international postage is a real gear grinder.

While it’s our default setting to link Bandcamp pages in the case of new and pre-releases, we thought it would be helpful to add some online stores that might provide a useful alternative.

So if you see a release you fancy, but it’s being sold in a far off land and you don’t want to fork out on exorbitant shipping, see if any of the links below can remedy the situation.

Dark Essence (Norway) Dark Essence (US)

Deathwish (EU) Deathwish (US)

Direct Merch (Australia)

eOne Heavy (EU) eOne Heavy (UK) eOne Heavy (US)

Ipecac (EU) Ipecac (US)

Metal Odyssey (EU) Metal Odyssey (US)

Napalm Records (Germany)

Prophecy Productions (Germany) Prophecy Productions (US)

Rough Trade (UK) Rough Trade (US)

Season of Mist (EU) Season of Mist (US)

Southern Lord (EU) Southern Lord (US)

Throne Records (World)

Transcending Obscurity (EU) Transcending Obscurity (US)

Perhaps this time around there is a slow week, however, a slow week has never hurt anyone! We hope all of our readers out there have a relaxing week ahead of them and as always hold those horns ever high!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Osman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**