#Freeroad 🇲🇽 Do What You Feel!

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Band: Freeroad
Title: Do What You Feel!
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 27 January 2023
Country: Mexico
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

What a nice surprise finding this album among the promos sent to the zine. Not because Freeroad plays fresh music and something new. Oh no, on the contrary: the sound of these guys is classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, like they just landed from a time machine coming from the late 70s or early 80s. And this, considering that the members are young (I mean, looking at their promo photos it’s obvious they weren’t even born at those years), is pretty awesome. And in some way, even credible. Or maybe not.

I’m always impressed every time I find a band like this. It proves that passion about a kind of music has nothing to do with age, bands can play whatever they want or feel not regarding the year the musicians were born but their passion. And Freeroad have proven they are really passionate about what they play. These bunch of guys from Mexico really love that classic sound, and they LOVE playing like that.

Do What You Feel!” says it all from the title name, and if you take a look at the cover of the album you’ll see it expresses total freedom, a guy naked jumping surely of joy, in a road going to his dreamed destination, hell yes he’s doing what he feels! The opener track is the anthem that settles the album direction: from the first guitar notes and the drum’s pace and sound you can feel the honesty that Freeroad provides, and when the vocals enter oh boy, there’s even that characteristic “reverb” effect from some classic Rock/NWOBHM bands… and all of a sudden I’m in love.

This is a trip back to those golden years. A revival called New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal, baby. “Rock Chaser” is a dynamic track, it makes me instantly going crazy with those typical choruses (uooo oooh oooh ooooh), and the guitar work is excellent, there are also a few synth notes near the end that makes this song finish in a fantastic way. “Pray for the King” has a classic style opener riff, something familiar that comes from the past, and it’s repeated along the track, I can feel goosebumps. And pay attention to the neoclassical wink in the middle, just brilliant… and the catchy choruses also contribute to make this one a very delightful song for this kind of stuff lovers.

I could go on dissecting every song in the album but I’m pretty sure you know what to expect all along the 9 tracks. Well, basically you’ve got the idea by reading this. These songs are like delicate pieces of your memories, but they have been composed in present times. Now you just need to go and check the music, in order to experience how good Freeroad are at sounding classic and authentic. This album is 8,5/10 for me Sílvia


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8,5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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