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Black Lion Records present mournful doom/death conjurer Sorrowful Land’s third full-length, Faded Anchors of the Past, scheduled for 27 January 2023 on CD and digital.

Bringing doomy passages since 2004, the one-man unit Sorrowful Land is the brainchild of Max Molodtsov, the Kharkiv-based multi-instrumentalist who also leads other Ukrainian bands such as Edenian (gothic-doom), Blessdivine (power metal), and Mistyfica (symphonic metal). Sorrowful Land’s slow-to-mid-tempo compositions combine doom and death metal elements, bouncing on edge between crushing riffs and haunting melodies.

Faded Anchors of the Past, the third album of Sorrowful Land, offers more melancholic and darker tunes than the previous offerings. Topics of the songs revolve around feelings often buried deep into the nooks and crannies of one’s mind. What will you do when the past is chasing you? What do you see when you close your eyes and enter the dark realms of nightmares? Is it your mind who plays with you showing ghostly faces of the ones you once knew? Or are they just parts of your inner demons that devour your soul? Is it possible to run away from the sins of the past? What if you succeed? What’s then…? Try, and you’ll find all the answers hidden in eight tracks.

The album sits at one hour of epic songs, long enough to make a rainy and misty morning more atmospheric. Low-tuned guitar riffs intertwined with haunting melodies, clean vocals’ sudden transformation to death metal growls or ghastly whispers, unexpected piano fills, roaring bass, and solid drum parts — all of them are cemented in a modern metal mix. The album features guest vocals from Pierre Laube (Doomed), Henrik Ekholm (Within the Fall), Stefan Nordström (Soliloquium, Desolator), Kaivan Saraei (A Dream of Poe), and Miguel Santos (A Dream of Poe).

Track Listing:
1. As Long as We Breathe (feat. Pierre Laube)
2. Faded Anchors of the Past (feat. Henrik Ekholm)
3. The Cold Gray Fog of Dawn (feat. Stefan Nordstrom & Henrik Ekholm)
4. Small Lost Moments (feat. Kaivan Saraei & Miguel Santos)
5. As I Behold Them Once Again
6. Where the Sullen Waters Flow
7. The Night Is Darkening Around Me
8. When Oceans Calm (Outro)

Credits & Additional Info:
Max Molodtsov – music and keyboards (tracks #01-08); guitars, bass, and drums (tracks #01-07); vocals (tracks#05 and #06); lyrics (tracks #02, #05, and #06)

Pierre Laube – lyrics, vocals, and guitar solo (track#1)
Henrik Ekholm – vocals (track#02)
Stefan Nordstrom – vocals and lyrics (track#03)
Kaivan Saraei – clean vocals and lyrics (track#04)
Miguel Santos – growl vocals (track#04)

Lyrics of track#07 adapted from poetry of Emily Bronte.

Album was recorded between 2018 and 2022 at Eternal Studio by Max Molodtsov. 
Produced by Max Molodtsov. 
Mixed & mastered by Max Molodtsov at Eternal Studio, 2022.

Sorrowful Land Logo by Slobodan Jovanovic.
Cover Art by Daniele Gay.
Booklet Artwork & CD design by Volodymyr Tsymbal / VLADESIGN



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