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ReDimoni (ReDemon in English) is a Thrash Metal band from Catalonia (Spain), with a powerful style, fast, cheeky, the kind of Thrash that breaks your neck right from the start. You can expect furious drumming, infectious riffs and shrieks coming straight out of Hell. This band has recently released their latest EP, “Downfall and Penance” (September 30th, 2022) and it’s fully loaded with their trademark sound. I had the pleasure of interviewing Cesc (or, Fiendish Warrior 666 Wicked Executioner Bringer of Mayhem… woah, THAT’s a nickname!!), original line-up vocalist and guitar player in ReDimoni, who nowadays only does vocals. He took his time to answer my questions about their new EP, the beginning and story of the band and other interesting things.

Hi Cesc (or should I call you at least Fiendish Warrior?). Many thanks for your time doing this interview. You must be very proud and happy after the release of “Downfall and Penance” (and this is not even a question)… 

Cesc: Yes, of course… Listening to the final recording of what has been one’s work during months of writing and rehearsing is so satisfactory and even orgasmic in a metaphoric way.

Can you introduce yourself and the rest of the band members?

Cesc: ReDimoni are: Jorge (Guitar), Jordi (Bass), Alex (Drums), Carles (Guitar+Vocals) and Cesc (vocals). We all have long creepy and epic nicknames which represent each of us in our releases, as well as on our official sites:

– Ruthless Conquering Warlord Scourge of the Peoples of the Earth – Demonic Riffs
– Storming Death Riding Bufal Victimizer of the Gruesome Human Plague – Four Strings Torture
– The Thundering Drum Basher Summoner of the Eternal Legions Of Chaos – War Drums
– The Mighty Apocalyptic Hermit Foreteller Of Doom – Sixstring scratching and Infernal Squeals
– Fiendish Warrior 666 Wicked Executioner Bringer Of Mayhem – Incantations

About introducing myself, just say that I’m Cesc “Fiendish Warrior 666” and I’ve been playing music with Alex and Carles for almost 30 years in several bands. I played guitar+vocals on the first ReDimoni releases, but after a period of inactivity, another guitar player joined the band so I continued on vocals only.

For those who are not familiar with ReDimoni, can you tell our readers what can we expect to find in this 5-track EP?

Cesc: This “Downfall And Penance” EP is the second part of a trilogy. It began with our previous EP “On The Brink Of Existence”. 

On this last EP you’ll find more consistent compositions, but without losing any rageful riffing, evil vocals duet, and total Old-School feeling as if you were spinning an 80’s record.

What motivates or inspires you guys when it comes to composing your music?

Cesc: It all comes straight from the heart. It’s something we have inside, what we learned when we were in our teens and discovered the hardest Metal. I’m talking of the second half of the 80s, so as you might figure out, we were possessed by the best Thrash Metal generation in music history. That’s what became part of our identity so that when we write any new song, that comes out naturally, without planning or forcing what we have to do.

You have released the album in CD format. Are you thinking of releasing the vinyl version?

Cesc: Yes! We already have the lay-out design for the vinyl, and we hope it will be ready for the pressing plant soon. 

We are hoping that it might be available by mid-2023 but there seems to be big delays due to the huge demand that factories have.

Have the band already had the opportunity of playing live the new songs?

Cesc: We presented the single “Portents Of The End Time” in September. It’s the only song from the new album that we’ve played live. In February 2023 we have already a show booked where the whole record will be played live.

Do you have more gigs scheduled in the near future? 

Cesc: Just the one I said on the previous question as well as the Metal Hart Festival in Germany in September 2023, but we are working on getting more dates.

What about gigs outside the borders of our country? Have you played many? Do you guys have any dream stage/country where you’d love to play?

Cesc: Out of our country we’ve played twice in France (2007 and 2009), Portugal (2008), and Germany (2014). 

I personally would love to play in Finland, because I’ve ever dreamt of travelling to that country, and also some of my favourite bands are Finnish.

When did the band was founded? And, was it hard to find the appropriate bandmates?

Cesc: The band was founded in 2000 by the same mates from our previous band Growing Cells. So it wasn’t any hard at all to find them, hahaha.

How was the underground Metal scene when ReDimoni started? How do you see that scene nowadays?

Cesc: ReDimoni started when the most common styles, even in the underground,  were Symphonic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal, etc… and there wasn’t yet the Thrash Metal revival which came some years later. So we did that just because we wanted to and we were feeling happy playing that old style.

Nowadays there’s a lot of bands, and almost all Old-School styles have had their revival. There’s much more information thanks to the internet and modern devices such as tablets and smartphones. Now you can listen to any band when you want and this has been a big change for the underground. Does anyone remember the tape-trading? That was the blood of the underground, and nowadays is completely obsolete.

Now, let me ask you some more personal things. At what age did you start listening to Metal? And which band was your first love? 

Cesc: I started listening to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal at 13-14 years but it was when I turned 15 that I discovered Thrash Metal and my mind was blown away. I was really impressed and enjoyed the first albums from Metallica, Kreator, Slayer… but my very first love was Nuclear Assault, which immediately became one the fave bands of my life.

Can you tell us some of your favorite bands? Any particular song that’s very special to you?

Cesc: Of course! After 35 years into Metal, I have now some more favorite bands (lol), so here I go:

-Nuclear Assault – Cross Of Iron
-Impaled Nazarene – Chaosgoat Law
-The Misfits – Astro Zombies
-Amorphis – Drowned Maid
-Unleashed – A Life Beyond
-Bad Religion – Skyscraper
-Iron Maiden – Prowler
-Kreator – Total Death
-Whiplash – Power Thrashing Death 

-…and a long etcétera… I’d better stop because this list is endless XD

Do you think that social media plays an important role for underground bands to be “more listened”?

Cesc: As I commented on a previous answer, new technologies can be very helpful to the underground. Bands can be in close contact with the fans. You can share your music worldwide when you have just recorded it. Back in the eighties this would have been considered magic.

What was the thing that did “click” in your brain to become an active musician and form your own band when you were younger?

Cesc: Listening to a lot of music, and watching my favorite musicians on stage, how much they enjoyed thrashing alive. And above all, creating and writing new songs just using my guitar and my imagination. My little guardian demon told me in my ear: You want to do that!

What does Metal music mean to you in your life?

Cesc: It’s my culture, my hobby and my passion. It’s not only listening to fast hard music and headbanging, it’s collecting records, reading about your favourite bands, making your own music, releasing, sharing and distributing records with other metalheads, etc… for me it’s a way of life mixed with the regular familiar life.

Thank you for your time, Cesc, wishing ReDimoni more great things to come. Is there anything you want to add?

Cesc: Thank you so much for the interview, Sílvia! I really appreciate the passion for Metal music you show everyday on the social networks where I follow you.
Thanks to any reader of this interview who has read until the last question!
So I invite everyone here to listen to our music for free on any streaming server, or even purchasing our physical records from our Bandcamp.
Stay Metal and Thrash til Death!

Interview by Sílvia

Check out this song by ReDimoni and be ready for some neck injuries. And of course, if you like it, support the band. Support the underground.



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