BRAN 🇨🇿 Odcházení

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Band: BRAN
Title: Odcházení
Label: Signal Rex
Release date: 31 October 2022
Country: Czech Republic
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Hailing from Czech Republic, here comes BRAN with their debut album, “Odcházení” (which means “Departure”), and first thing I can tell you… this is a great debut! This album consists of only 4 tracks but by no means is a short album, ‘cause the songs go from 8 to more than 12 minutes long, so you have time enough to properly enjoy what these three musicians offer to the Black Metal enthusiasts.

BRAN lineup is:
Vojtěch “Blackwild” Černý – guitars, vocals, synths
S. Václav Kobylák – bass guitar
Ygraen Orlok – drums

They are not newbies in the Metal scene, because they three were already in other bands before founding BRAN. And, what do they bring to the table with this new band? They deliver a kind of dynamic, melodic, consistent, well-produced Black Metal, with a great amount of fascinating riffs and the constant pounding of drums with a high level of energy… and vocals sounding wicked enough to make you plunge into a vast ocean of gloomy atmosphere. All this, to sum up.

The length of the tracks is not an issue; the songs are long but not in a sense of “too long that become boring”, oh no. On the contrary, there are so many variations along each of them that it’s pure bliss listening to them on repeat to allow yourself to get lost into every song and try to catch all the details. Or, at least, enjoy every riff, every time the drummer unleashes and delivers striking beatings to his kit… Sometimes the rhythm is damn fast, other times it relents a bit and speaks with splendor.

This is the power of Black Metal, in my opinion: the genre that conveys like no other the emotions, the different moods, the internal struggles that the listener may have. Because this music heals; I can’t imagine a better way to summon and try to handle my inner demons than with a great dose of Black Metal. “Odcházení” by BRAN has this power on me. Their songs keep on growing on me even when I’m not listening to the music anymore, and if I had to choose my favorite track it would probably be “Smuteční průvod” (“Funeral procession”), because of their insanely good riffs, the relentless and ultra powerful drums, no room for breathe at all! There’s a sense of utter despair all through the song that comforts the most needed souls. If you understand this, you know it…

Great debut of this Czech band, I give this album 8,5/10 Sílvia



8,5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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