Vigilance 🇸🇮 Vigilance

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Band: Vigilance
Title: Vigilance
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 21 October 2022
Country: Slovenia
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

I must admit it: I started listening to this EP just because I saw these guys were singing in their mother tongue. Any band using other languages apart from Catalan, Spanish or English can catch my attention for doing this, only because of the different sonority using their own language. I’m really used to English, and as other languages have different intonation, and usually they have different sounds too, it makes them kind of “bit more attractive” to me.

But of course… not only for using another language. It has to be musically good enough to be under my radar, if not I simply pass. As I don’t have time enough for listening to everything I like and love, I don’t like wasting my time with music I don’t like or enjoy. Vigilance, formed in 2010, is a Heavy Metal band from Slovenia, it’s the first time I listen from them, even though they have released 4 full-length albums and 2 EPs so far. This second EP, named “Vigilance”, is the first release in which they sing all songs in Slovenian, when they used to do that in English.

The album starts in a very energetic way with “Na Krilih Noči” (which means “On the Wings of the Night”), it’s Heavy Metal played with classic influences… The audible bass (Anže Stegel), some “uuhhh uuhhh” choruses, and drums (Tine Kaluža) playing at high speed tempos, all this makes the trick. Vocals (Gilian Adam) are a bit raspy and what a nice thing these screams are!

Then comes “Roka Pogube” (“Hand of Doom”) also with those classic vibes, I really like the way in which the bass highlights the rhythm and enhances the drums’ work. Guitars have a clean sound, as expected, and the solo is short but very good. I really like the style of Gilian doing vocals, really fits here. And I’d like to find the exact word in English to describe the feeling I have with his voice; in Spanish I’d use the word “macarra”, in English would be more or less “thug” but hey, I mean it in a good sense!

Veliki Briljantni Valček” (“The Great Brilliant Waltz”) is an instrumental piece, more than 4 minutes of sweeping guitars and that majestic bass everywhere, while drums go for fast rhythms and hard hitting beats; this is like an upgrade of classic Metal and I love it! There’s a bit slower section near the middle of this track, in order that you can really appreciate the melodic and more calm side of the music, with galloping guitars and bass in the background, and then another short solo, after that drums recover their usual high speed and guitars keep on playing that melodic stuff until they fade. “Arbogastov Plamen” (“Flame of Arbogast”) follows, more classic vibes with some choruses, vicious guitars and drums infesting your ears… These guys are really good at it, yeahh.

And then, to close this EP… there’s the song “Orbis Mundi”. I don’t know, it caught me by surprise, at first I thought I had changed the music in my device. But no. “Orbis Mundi” is a different piece. Starting with that synth, the sound of a bell chiming and, well… after a minute, you recognize the guitar and drums and you see you are in the right place. Some different dynamics to end a very good EP that, with no doubt, will leave you with curiosity about their previous releases if you didn’t know this band. It happened to me, now I need to listen to more from Vigilance to fully know this band. This EP is a 7,5/10 for me Sílvia



7,5/10 Victory is possible
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