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A Constant Storm – “ANT” (Gothic Rock from Portugal)

ANT is the third full-length album by the Portuguese musical and artistic project A Constant Storm.
A dark rock opera that follows the story of an ant that gains human mental traits, the record features a mix of gothic rock and 70’s progressive rock, with sprinkles of doom and ethereal wave.

Artist:  A Constant Storm
Release title:  ANT
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 24-09-2022
Format: Digital, CD
Genre:  Gothic Rock
Country: Portugal

1.  Ant (Including March Of The Soldiers)
2.  The Colony
3.  Chimeric Endeavor
4.  Vanity
5.  Cage Of Tunnels
6.  In The Frozen Vale
7.  Truthbending
8.  A Collection Of Endings And Origins

A Constant Storm is 
«Army Marshal» Daniel Laureano: Lead Vocals, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Midi Keys

«Army Captain» André Cardoso: Drums, Additional Keys, Soundscapes
«Army Lieutenant» Maria Ana Guimarães: Piano

Soldier, a working ant from an underground colony, develops human consciousness after being infected by a virus – created by humans as an experiment.
Obsessed with his newfound hunger for fame, and realizing that this new mental state had left him unable to keep living in the ants’ net of underground tunnels, he manages to escape, arriving at an icy cave at the verge of the upper world, where he is finds himself in the presence of a bizarre totem that resembles his features.
Sensing a dark omen, and after pondering whether he should truly leave the underground, Soldier finally reaches the surface, only to come tumbling back down, due to the unexpected weight of the world’s scale.
Crashing back to the cave, he is left frozen, taking the place of the previous totem – the corpse of an ant that had previously tried the same as him -, and which had since sunk into the ground, leaving the inglorious place free for its new occupant.

For fans of Katatonia, Unto Others, Paradise Lost, Soror Dolorosa, Faith and Muse

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Laureano
Recorded, Produced and Mixed by André Cardoso / Mindset Studios
Artwork, Layouts and Photography by Daniel Laureano


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