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Strasbourg (FR) – Slamming Deathcore Frenchmen KANINE release debut album Karnage July 8 on Lacerated Enemy Records

Strasbourg (FR) – Slamming Deathcore Frenchmen KANINE will release debut album Karnage July 8 on Lacerated Enemy Records.

KANINE brings a perfect blend of brutality, power and groove, and are sure to turn heads with Karnage! KANINE was formed in early 2020 by four friends with the same passion for heavy music and bassdrop, creating their brand of brutal slamming deathcore in the vein of Within Destruction, Extermination Dismemberment, Acrania, and the like.

Expect nothing but pure heaviness!

In the band’s own words:

“Karnage is real! This is the first time we have the idea of producing something we want to show to the people. It’s a result of several months of composing all together with the desire to speak about humananity’s condition and society who make almost every worst choice possible. But, we also see the force we have together, right in the Covid and quarantine period, we stayed focused on our project ,and we wrote an album we can be proud of.”

FFO: Within Destruction, Extermination Dismemberment, Acrania


Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Furie
3. Gangrene
4. Abysses
5. Karnage
6. Anubis
7. Snakepit
8. Counter Slam Bass Drop Offensive
9. Frost

Album Credits:
Written and Recorded by KANINE 
Mixed and mastered by Demigod recordings
Logo by Almanc Designs
Album art by Armaada Art

Jason Gerhard – Vocals
Lucas Eckert – Bass
Gabriel Labeauvie – Drum
Alexandre Lorentz – Guitar


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