#TheDarkOverlords 🇩🇰 Darkpocalypse

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Band: The Dark Overlords
Title: Darkpocalypse
Label: Uprising! Records
Release date: 06 May 2022
Country: Denmark
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Here comes a mysterious band from Denmark, The Dark Overlords. No names of their members, only that they are three: Dark Overlord number 1, 2 and 3. One for vocals, another for guitar and bass and the third one for drums and programming. If this is not dark enough for you, go and listen to their music. I felt captivated since the first listen, this is a 20 minute EP with 5 tracks, enough to show the world their skills regarding Extreme Metal. Are you ready for a great dose of demonic, murky and heavily infectious Blackened Death Metal? Then, you are in the good way.

The intro gives some hints of the sonic apocalypse that will come later. It’s a mid-calmed minute and a half of building intensity, growing in a threatening atmosphere as it approaches track 2. Then, it suddenly explodes: “Ritus Dæmonius” starts with fury: drums unleash their fast and fierce pounding, guitars entwine into obscure riffs, vocals are truly dark and demonic… Yeah, fast and furious, it crushes you like a steamroller with no mercy.

Then, it comes “Sacrificial Chamber”, another relentless track. What can I say? I love the use of vocals, both as deep growls and at harsh screaming, if it’s the same guy doing both (as it seems), wow! Hats off! He does brutal work in my opinion.

Soul Taker” is another damn beast of a song… these guys are literally on fire, this EP is all about high speed, a brutal sonic aggression, drums are really fast and I can’t hardly breathe! And guitars are attacking all the time with insane rapid riffs, ahh how I love this combination. There’s also an outstanding guitar solo in this song, very melodic and with those implacable drums beating non-stop and distilling fury all the time. Last half minute of this track in particular just blows my mind: as Metal is kind of a salvation for my soul, I tend to get stuck in some passages when they are so damn beautiful like this one. Yes, beauty in Extreme Metal has to do with the feelings that it can awaken in the listener; the most fierce and overwhelming are often the best. And this is one of these kind for me.

Last track, “The Ladder of your Demise”, is the longest but it goes in a sigh, and I’m still in awe and don’t want this EP to end, it’s so damn short! Last minute and a half of this one is like the calm after a frenzied storm, like saying: you survived this mayhemic attack, now remember to breathe again, only guitars playing in acoustic to remind you that the brutal assault is over and you need to recompose yourself (I wonder if you can…) I give this an 8,5/10 Sílvia



8,5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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