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BOX Reveals New Single And Video For “Cherry Blossoms At Night”

BOX has released a video for the title track from their upcoming album Cherry Blossoms At Night.

The band comments: “Disco is the most fitting genre for topics on human vivisection and pathogenic warfare. As the walls of yours and your neighbor’s homes become further violated by escalating cultural warfare, let the groove transport you!”

BOX doesn’t simply breakdown genre boundaries but rather obliterates them from existence by fusing powerful styles into an everchanging, all-encompassing exploration of soundscapes. Ranging between obliterating thrash metal through to dynamic prog and darkwave, BOX leaves no musical realm untouched. 

Cherry Blossoms At Night sees the project’s mastermind Andrew Stromstad delve deeper into the creative dimensions. Thundering into life, the album kicks off with the dark intensity of “Succumb”. Fast paced with a thrash edge, guttural harsh vocals deliver an aggressive stance. The gentle allure of “Soft is the Motion” reveals an alternative air unveiling the serene through a vast atmosphere. Bringing the 80s into the present kicking and screaming, “Lifetaker” sends sparks flying through glam style organ and electronics. Soaring vocals and intricate melodies introduce melodic and progressive elements into the mix. The final destination is reached through the dreamy atmosphere of “Liberate”. Drawing the focus with a clean lead guitar melody the track winds its way around shimmering synth pads, trap drums and angelic vocal harmonies. The tranquility can’t last forever and before long the lofty ascent to the heavens is brought crashing down with a stark reminder of mortality. 

The hybridization of genres from BOX has produced an epic record in Cherry Blossoms at Night. While an unwavering dark undertone runs throughout, each track is immersive in its own way. From the hard-hitting heaviness to soaring atmospheric electronics, Cherry Blossoms at Night offers a thrilling journey into the abyss and beyond. 

Album Credits:
Andrew Stromstad: Vocals/drums/bass/guitars/synths/strings(violin/cello)/various horns (trumpet/trombone/french horn) and strange auxiliary instruments/percussion.
Spenser Hodge: guitar solo contribute on “Cherry Blossoms at Night”, composed and produced “Liberate”. 
Curtis Vodka: Composed and produced “Spread”

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