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APEIRON BOUND Release Video For “My Sweet Stockholm”

Prog metal band APEIRON BOUND have released a video for their song “My Sweet Stockholm”. The track is from their new album Multiplicity which will release via Layered Reality Productions on August 26th, 2022. 

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The band comments:

“The song touches on the horrific landscape that is Stockholm Syndrome. The primary theme of the song focuses on the inner madness of the story’s antagonist. The red flags, gaslighting, love bombing, and everything in between. This song touches on this twisted sense of love this character has and the trials they’ll put their victim(s) through in order to ‘prove their love and loyalty’ while stripping everything away. Abuse is a lot more than physical. It’s psychological manipulation on the emotional and mental level as well. It’s something very personal to myself, Michael, as well as many people we know that have been through these sort of relationships. This can apply to blood family, friendships, relationships, marriage, any sort of relationship between two or more people.” 

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