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Hello there,

The last weekend of March. Yes, time is “running” a lot and we don’t notice it.
Today I bring you another four bands and I hope you enjoy their music.

Band: Ad Finem Omnia
Title: No Peace · No Dawn
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: 21 March 2022
Country: Chile
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The first album from this Chilean band. First impression? Very good Black Metal with a lot of melody, very good songs, a good album indeed. Reminds me of bands like Setherial, Endstille, Sacramentum, Blackwinds, etc. A band to follow.

Band: Mortuus Infradaemoni
Title: Inmortuos sum
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release date: 25 March 2022
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Probably what I’m going to say next will sound a bit strange to you. Can you imagine Autopsy playing Black Metal? Well, listening to this album made me remind some Autopsy riffs, but mainly the attitude, “this is rotten, filthy and we don’t care”. Not only cause of that of course, but this band is good. I really enjoyed the album.

Band: Unru
Title: Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten
Label: Babylon Doom Cult Records
Release date: 04 March 2022
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The previous album was very good, I managed to grab the tape when the album was out and I listened to the split and the demo between albums. So when I saw the promo, I was excited to listen to again the band and… After a big intro, in my opinion, the devastation started. Oh my. Very good. This album deserves your listen. Give them a chance if you don’t know them.

Band: Zwaard
Title: Bloed en wijn
Label: Argento Records
Release date: 18 March 2022
Country: Netherlands
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

To start… This release is only for fans of Underground Black Metal. That kind of raw, filthy, rotten, putrid, unclean Black Metal. That is bad? Well, in my opinion is not, but not everyone like it. Only 3 songs here but with almost 29 minutes of good Black Metal. Longs songs? Yes. Boring? Nope. It’s good. Check them.

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