Boötes Void 🇩🇪 C.O.L.D. (Circle of Life and Death)

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Band: Boötes Void
Title: C.O.L.D. (Circle of Life and Death)
Label: Ketzer Records
Release date: 09 March 2022
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: high-quality digital recording

Boötes Void is a new exploration on atmospheric, occult black metal beginning in 2019. The band released a demo that year, entitled “The Alder’s Sleep”, following that up with an EP in 2020 entitled “Alder’s Heresy” and now this is their debut full-length album “C.O.L.D”. The word “cold” stands for “Circle of Life and Death”. The band are a group of five: Sagittarius on drums, Cygnus on bass, Corvus, lead guitar, Arcturus on rhythm guitar, and Boötes, the lead singer.

Not much is known about Boötes Void, so I wanted to listen in more detail to their previous releases and chose the EP “Alder’s Heresy” off of Bandcamp. (On a side note, while I listen on my phone to this EP, in mid-range volume, my shadow, Griffen, he’s a cat, is snoring here beside me on the couch, LOL). Well, I’m definitely not snoring, and there is something engaging and entrancing about the EP, pulling you in and making you pay attention to all of the expression. After a taste of their music, I’m ready to go forth and hear what I hear on this album. Who’s with me?

The first track, “Yule” tremolos, lingering, and a protracted scream fading off to begin. The vocal blasts off, and the guitar and drum work are intense. Definitely entrancing (to me), and the skill and blending of the instrument are heard and appreciated. Brutal AF, and so good.

The second track, “Imbolc”, guitars are the tremolo range again, but the musicality seems to lift, to then be grounded by the scratchy, vocal of the lead singer. The track continues in the now from what I know of the band’s style, take no prisoners type of in your face extreme metal.

The third track, “Ostara”, hit with rapid drums that seem unending, and guitars that play as if compelled. It’s a great start. A slow down of intense metal guitars and drums, a small interlude mid-way, and I’m thrown back into the rhythm of this track, again, extreme, melodic, and brutal.

The fourth track, “Beltane”, this one starts off slowly, a teasing of the guitar, with the vocals coming in so guttural and scratchy. I really like the combination which then opens to blasting of guitar and drums. Wow, what a beauty of a track, this hits you in the good places. Extreme and so hypnotic.

The fifth track, “Litha”, has a more melodic thread to it, still brutal and explosive, but keeps the melody in places. I like the change-up.

The sixth track “Lughnasadh”, has some discordance in the guitars and a colder edge to start. Guitars continue in this, and its very effective. A much heavier, weightier beginning to this track. A must-hear track in my opinion.

The seventh track, “Mabon, Samhain”, this one is so textbook of extreme, balanced, and melodic.

If you’ve not listened to anything by Boötes Void, it s a no brainer: you must. I found them brutal, and melodic and excellent musicians. Their music is compelling and to me, entrancing. I enjoyed very much what I’ve heard. 8.5/10 Metal Marie

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