Dæmonesq 🇩🇪 The Beauty of Letting Go

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Band: Dæmonesq
Title: The Beauty of Letting Go
Label: Independent
Release date: 25 February 2022
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

One group with all the strange letters, Dæmonesq appears to have been formed quite recently, during these difficult pandemic times, and while last year and early this year all singles had already been released, the group has now released the EP The Beauty of Letting Go, which includes all four tracks at one source.

The title track “The Beauty of Letting Go” is the first in line and the first thing that hits the listener is the meaty production. With a melancholic and sad tone to it the guitars and melodies full in toward alongside the growling female vocals. At first it seems like a radio friendly tune; however, it later takes a more sinister route and while the track progresses in different ways the vocals remain the same throughout. “Allure and Grandeur” is something that sounds almost taken straight out of a horror movie, with the typical horror soundtrack chord progression in the main riff, precisely at that moment when the bad guy is chasing the main character with a chainsaw. The vocals shriek out in agony as the music turns from haunting to hopeless in less than five minutes.

A more straight forward track altogether “Battleaxe” almost has a King Diamon feel to it, although of course with very different vocals. It´s a bit more on the power metal side of things, the performance by the group as a whole shines through quite nicely. “Displaced” closes the EP in grand and majestic way with multiple different guitar melodies, setting the disturbing yet enjoyable tone. As the EP´s ballad the keyboard adds that extra layer of despair which is further reflected in style and emotions this group manages to put into their tracks.

Overall an interesting 20 minute long experience. The theme of haunting sound with different dissonant melodies and clear powerful production is served well with the vocals. It is fair to state that this group has most likely found their sound and know their way around that territory. Good production, good performance, and good tracks. The three G´s are fulfilled and it will be interesting to see what the future brings from this group. 8.5/10 Julia Katrin


8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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