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AKIAVEL Will Perform A Special Live Streamed Set For Knotfest’s Pulse Fest 3×22

French melodic death metal outfit AKIAVEL are pleased to announce their participation in Knotfest’s Pulse Fest 3×22! The online festival will be streamed on Friday, March 11th, at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 9pm CET on Knotfest.com.

Akiavel comments: “We are excited and honored to participate in Pulse Fest! Knotfest’s commitment to newer or up-and-coming bands is inspiring. We are also excited to play alongside such wonderful bands as Shadow of Intent, Creeping Death and Vexed. This will be a fun way to reach out fans all across the world who haven’t had the chance to see us live yet and we hope everyone has a blast!”

The band is supporting their most recent album, Vae Victis which can be streamed or purchased HERE.

Knotfest’s Pulse Fest is a live streamed, discovery festival dedicated to the most promising up and coming acts in metal. This marks the third edition of the fest. The full lineup includes:
Shadow of Intent (US)
Creeping Death (US)
Enforced (US)
Four Stroke Baron (US)
Kid Bookie (UK)
Vexed (UK)
Brutus (EU)
Bala (EU)
Witch Fever (UK)
Blanket (UK)
Knoll (US) 
Dödsrit (EU) 
Urne (UK)
Cold Steel (US) 
Wowod (EU-R)
Akiavel (EU) 
Moon Unit (EU) 
Thoughtcrimes (US) 

AKIAVEL is a Melodic Death Metal band from the South of France, formed in 2018. The band released their first, self-titled, EP in December 2018, showcasing their trademark sound: a mix of Groove, Thrash, Black and Old-school Death Metal, with a touch of melodic riffs, heavy rhythmic and hardcore sounds.

They draw their inspiration from bands such as: Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Testament and Gojira.

AKIAVEL’s debut full-length album, V was recorded at Studio Artmusic and mastered by Kohlekeller Studio, and was released on 20 February 2020 on Mystic Production. Acclaimed by critics, they immediately found their footing in France and abroad. A genuine and balanced expression of melodic metal and brutal violence. Julien Truchan (Benighted) makes an appearance on the track “I & Me”.

Each of the 4 AKIAVEL members has a strong and varied experience in the French metal industry that give them a unique and powerful sound. The band is sponsored by several tier-one brands (Darius Guitarz. Dominger Pickups USA, SP Custom, Skull Strings, ProOrca drumsticks) and is supported by the custom-made Lalite drums.

AKIAVEL released in their 2nd full length album, “Vae Victis” in April 2021.


Auré: Vocals
Chris: Guitars
Jay: Bass
Butch: Drums


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