Muert 🇪🇸 Haeresis

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Band: Muert
Title: Haeresis
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Release date: 28 January 2022
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: high-quality digital recording

I remember seeing the band in 2013 on the same night of Weltbrand, Primigenium, and Setherial among others, and at that time, the band only had one album released.

After that album, I remember listening to the split with Waffenträger Luzifers and Necrogoat, and after that… I lost “contact” with them.

At that time in my opinion they were more Black Metal than they are today, I mean, compared to the distortion sound, the rhythms used, the drum, even the vocals. I listened to this album many times and they look, at least in my opinion more a Black Death Metal band or a War Metal band, like many people call this style… So bands like Revenge, Conqueror, Archgoat, Blasphemy, Goatpenis, among others can be compared with Muert or Muert with them.

I like the style, so no problem for me to listen to this, even if I prefer the Black Metal style or the Black Thrash Metal mix. But that is another talk.

So let me start to write about the latest album by Muert. Listening to this album, it looks that the songs were recorded at different times, cause of the sound production, the construction of the songs, and they sound different too.

In some songs the band still doing some riffs as they did at the beginning of the career, but only for a few moments to be honest.

I can’t avoid saying that this Muert band sounds like a new or a totally different Muert band.
If this was the first I was listening to this band I would probably say that this album was very good, but compared to the beginning of the band, (and I can’t talk about the middle cause I lost contact with them) I must say that I prefer the beginning.

I also have to say that Ebola is using a lot of effects (delay) on the vocals and that is a bit… it’s a little… Saturating, to be honest. If just a little bit of effects, it is ok in my opinion, but a lot is meh…

Besides that, musically the album is interesting, and it has some highlights even if sometimes with simple riffs, and good moments too.

Like the song “La Niña de las Peras” some simple riffs a la Black Metal style. Simple but effective.

I truly understand when a band wants to improve the sound/music played but sometimes is necessary to do things correctly. In my opinion, if the band wants to play Black Death Metal do it, even if the past was different, but sometimes it needed a bit of homework.

In my opinion, the band is at the beginning of that path, the song “El 4° Jinete Sobre la Adelantadía” or “Majanos de Chacona” is proof of that, very good. Hoped the whole album was on that way…

So, my final conclusion is… 6/10 The Key Jeeper 666

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6/10 We may survive!
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