Ereb Altor 🇸🇪 Vargtimman

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Band: Ereb Altor
Title: Vargtimman
Label: Hammerheart Records
Release date: 14 January 2022
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: high-quality digital recording

Last year, I had the great pleasure, of reviewing Ereb Altor and their EP, entitled, Eldens Boning (here).

I enjoyed that EP, the music came alive for me, of distant times, pagan/Viking influences, black metal, and also the influence of Bathory was heard. I was most impressed with the variety of sounds/influences being represented, and felt at the time, that the EP wasn’t enough to satisfy my ears. Now, here we are in January, and Ereb Altor has delivered an album that I can’t wait to tell you about. Eight tracks, that I’ve listened to back and forth, remembering their unique sound from their EP from 2021 and hearing how they have built and further developed their sound.

One standout for me for Ereb Altor is their singing style, clean to blackened, and back and forth. I love how they achieved that balance.

“I have the Sky”, first one out, and the harmony grabs you. Lyrics are freeing, feeling. Sometimes, we don’t have much, but on certain days, the sky is so compelling you can’t not feel better about some of the things in a daily life. Now, musically, those guitar riffs, deep pounding drums, and skilled singing, carry you through the whole song. “I have the sky in my hand..”

“Vargtimman”, icy cold beginning with heavy ponderous guitars, and tremolos, playing within the cold tone set out. Blackened, guttural to a switch up to clean vocal style. There is an intense section of whispered acapella to a guttural screamed chant, of the same phrase, over and over.

“Fenris”, ohh, this takes you to the time of the Viking Gods. The treatment of the music, and the subject of this wolf from Norse Mythology. The pagan sound, highlighted, in vocal styling, and those instruments are on fire.

“Rise of the Destroyer”, guitar speed riffs open this up, and the riffage continues. Another nod to this band’s talents. Solidly played, and performed, both instruments and vocals.

“Alvablot”, damn, these vocals and harmonies are so good! I’ve got chills on my arms as I listen. Lyrics are haunting and the melodies stay with you. Guitar solos, epically standing alone and the drums are a back beat heartbeat. “I know that we will meet again..”

“Den Dighra Doden”, Bird calls, to start this track, a majestic raven. Spoken guttural piece to plunge into heavy guitar and blackened vocals. Black metal speed riffs and drums take over in this track,

“Ner I Morkret”, wow, atmospheres and deep drums to start. Galloping and transiting guitar riffs, to tremolos, skillfully set out. Killer song.

“Heimdals Horn”, the history of this, Gjallarhorn, the great summoner of the gods. Loved this ode to this piece of history. Amazing track all the way through.

I was so pleased to hear the full-length album, which took more departures and more expanses in their tracks to really indicate their influences.

You hear their unique take on Viking and Pagan sounds, you hear the blackening of sound in their vocals and music, you hear the beauty of clear harmonies that impact you long after you have heard them. You hear Bathory and the respect to that band in how Ereb Altor treats their sound. This is an album that will leave you with pangs to the historical times of Vikings, if that is your heritage, and if it isn’t, this band delivers to you that wish to know more about those times. I thoroughly enjoyed this album. SKAL. I give an 8/10 Metal Marie



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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