Estertor 🇪🇸 Tales from the Ancient Grave

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Band: Estertor
Title: Tales from the Ancient Grave
Label: War Anthem Records
Release date: 26 November 2021
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Estertor (which means “death rattle”) is a Thrash Metal band with a high dose of Old School Death Metal infusing their music; this said, it was enough for me to feel curious about their sound. Plus, they are a band from my country and as I realize I often tend to search for Metal far away from where I live, I thought this had to be solved. And I’m more than glad that I chose this band and this album for my review… ‘cause it’s a total banger!!

Let me present you the band members:
Tearing off his vocal chords: Edu
Masters of six strings: Des and Oscar
Rumbling the bass chords: Shogoth
Smashing the drum kit: Enrique

“Assimilating Flesh” opens in a bit of a slow tempo, but it’s only to get you ready for what’s coming next. Wait, I think you can’t be prepared for that! Infectious riffs, brutal drums, a vocalist that seems to be summoning some kind of demonical forces everytime he opens his mouth… and the guitar solos, woahh… in this opener track you can listen to a very talented guitar player showing off his skills, because he can exhibit himself this way, oh yeah!

Estertor doesn’t leave a lot of space to breathe, their rapid and intense thrash attacks will get you headbanging from start to finish, beware your neck! And the way these guys put a great amount of Death Metal riffs in their songs (Old School style) simply gets me crazy, as a great fan of this genre myself. Just listen to “Nocturnal Strigoi” and enjoy the dark and blasphemous vibes, with that bass predominance, always pure delight! This song also contains a stratospheric guitar solo, if you don’t fall in love instantly with the guy at six strings I simply can’t understand why!

“Blood for Sheetar” is another fast attack, an in-your-face Thrash/Death anthem that must be listened on repeat if you want to end up with serious neck injuries! This track contains some of the “dirtiest” bass sounds of the album, I simply love it! Honestly, I can imagine these guys playing live and giving the audience a fantastic show in terms of brutality!

“Repugnant Face of Death” starts like if it was a classic horror movie, that intro gives me goosebumps! The main riff I think was built to emphasize this feeling, and they nailed it. Things calm down a bit with the title track, “Tales from the Ancient Grave”, its middle section gives some room to rest and enjoy some classic vibes… though the song ends in a very brutal way. But hey!, no complaints at all! The album still delivers two more fast and aggressive tracks before it ends, and if it wasn’t enough for you… well, you can start listening to it again. 37 minutes run fast, of course you MUST listen to it again! I give this album 8,5/10 Sílvia


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8,5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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