Alien Force 🇩🇰 – We Meet Again

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Band: Alien Force
Title: We Meet Again
Label: From the Vaults
Release date: 26 November 2021
Country: Denmark
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Alien Force is a Danish Heavy Metal band that seems to have been reborn from its ashes. They were active between 1984-1987 (and even before, ‘cause they were born under the name of Zeyking but those early days involve a story of very bad luck) and they released two really good albums in 1985 and 1986 (check them out for a great dose of pure Heavy Metal nostalgia! These guys rule!). They reunited between 2008-2010 releasing two demos, and since 2017 they are active in the metal scene again. I’m a great admirer of bands that can do this: overcome adversity and be kicking ass no matter how many years have passed since the last time. And Alien Force has gained a piece of my heart, as an old school metalhead I am, between other things of course…

Now that you know a bit more about the band, let me talk to you about the music. Alien Force plays Heavy fckn’ Metal, classic and straight to the vein, nothing more nothing less; but hey, I’m not saying this meaning that their sound is simple, oh no: they kick ass!! I didn’t know this band before, it’s the first time for me to notice their existence, and I’m sorry about it ‘cause it’s the kind of stuff I’d have loved in my early years as a metalhead. I’m sure I’d have played those two 80’s albums until my ears bleed. At least I can do it now, adding this new work from them!

“We Meet Again” is a pure album, I can listen to the 10 tracks that make it up and I can feel it’s truly authentic, made from the heart (more specifically, from the four hearts of the four band members), they are the same 4 guys in the previous releases of the band years ago and this must have created special ties between them. The album is full of 80’s nostalgia, in the same vein of their two previous works, as if time stood still after “Hell and High Water” and “Pain and Pleasure” (from ‘85 and ‘86 respectively), if I had told you that this album was from 1987 you’d have believed me.

The songs are catchy, built on typical structures, full of enjoyable classic riffs; there are also great guitar solos, the choruses are easy to sing along and some of them are really infectious; there’s time for some typical “uooo uooo uooohh” moments, and there’s also the slow song, “Killing Time”, but not cheesy at all: guitars are heavy and the vocals maintain their bit of harshness, as in the entire album. Drums keep a perfect pace all through the songs, they are solid, constant and strong. And the bass lines are perfect (in “Precious Time” this instrument sounds fantastic!).

“I Decide for You” is like an anthem, musically has very good rhythm and the solo is short but very effective, in order to feel the true power of Heavy Metal. Followed by “Sceptical Feeling”, speeding up the tempo a bit. Makes me shake my head like a maniac! Near the end, “Temptations” is a highly addictive song, guitars are simply amazing there and I can’t stand still while listening to this one. The last song is a ballad, as a good 80’s-looking-alike album it’s almost mandatory that there’s one of this kind; the acoustic guitar does the main work here and the album ends in a soft way… hopefully it’s just a ‘see you soon’ from these guys… I give this album 9/10 Sílvia


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9/10 Epic Storm
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