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Hello there,

And December arrived and soon the end of the year, and then the new year and… Bla bla bla. The same thing as all years. We can’t deny it. That is the truth. Ahahahahahah. Anyway and moving… At least we have our beloved music.
For this week I was “visiting” a few countries and the travel was really good… Enjoy it.

Band: Avskräde
Title: Det stora tunga sjuka
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: 12 December 2021
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

After the very good demo that I had the pleasure to buy and also review (here) the first album arrived. I have to mention that the 4 songs in the demo are included here, so in total only 7 songs are new. These new songs? Well, they are in the same vein as the demo, very good, very dark, fast, old fashion, and cruel. This is the best definition to describe the band. Check them.

Band: Ossuaire
Title: Triumvirat
Label: Sepulchral Productions
Release date: 02 December 2021
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

To start I have to say one thing. Sepulchral Productions is one of the best labels from Canada releasing Canadian Black Metal and Ossuaire is one of those bands. I really enjoyed the first album, then I missed the second album when was released in 2019, heard it last year, and now this new EP. Very good indeed. The Québécois Black Metal is so damn good and unique. The way that is done is different and so damn good. This band is the proof of that.

Band: Rat King
Title: Santa Hipocresía
Label: Within The Mind Records
Release date: 10 December 2021
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

This is the second contact with this band. The first time was when Tom Boatman made the review last year (here) and when I saw the promo I wanted to listen to. And ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata (trying to show you the snare drum. Ahahahahahah. This EP is proof that in just a few minutes a band can be chaotic, devastating, smashing, violent, and GOOD. Unfortunately… This EP is really short. I want more. Much more. Check it.

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