#VoidWitch 🇺🇸 – Demo 2021

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Band: Void Witch
Title:  Demo 2021
Label: Independent
Release date: 01 October 2021
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The USA has a long tradition in high-quality Metal, especially since the early ’80s, and ultimately there’s a lot of awesome new bands coming out of this country and Texas is not the exception, a state that’s not must be only known as “where all is bigger” in popular slang, one of these bands is called Void Witch, a new one coming out to the light from the depths of Doom and Death reign to show us an incredible musical propose that’s usually not seen in demo stages!

Loyal to the best Doom/Death style, this demo begins with “My Coffin Overfloweth”, a song starting with a slow charles pace , followed by … of course, a slow but contudent guitar riff followed by a deep grunt voice that fits perfectly with the music, reminiscing the old early doom-death style seen in early 90’s era, with nice guitar harmony touches accompanied by a nice bell tool as a background giving a dark cloak melancholic atmosphere, but there’s more! In the middle of the song there’s a tempo change, a nice faster riif with a great guitar harmonies touches and a solid drum contundent pace, the guitar solo is very well composed and added as a perfect complement to the song, just to start suddenly after solo ending, with the initial slow pace with repetitive inducing trance riff, ending with the nice bell toll effect and giving more terror and solitude atmosphere.

Their second song “Asphyxiation Ritual”, start with a , very melancholic arrangement, giving to the listener, an afterlife ambient, followed by a tempo change at the best contundent Death Metal style, a deep grunt voice followed by a galloping heavy guitar riff in an unison sound only seen in a seasoned band (you can hear there’s a lot of experience here), melodic passages and great drums in set with an important bass lines as an strong addon to the song, mixing faster drums with calm paces, followed by a nice solo guitar using the same approach that i have seen in Rocky George Suicidal Tendencies, not in composition or style, but the way as the guitar solo accompanies the voice until certain point (You Can’t Bring me Down is a good example) , and of course, another tempo change, this time is an incredible sad and mysterious interlude, a cemetary aura guitar chord coming out to the gravestone, returning to the doomish style and ending with nice trance harmonies that suddenly stops, giving to the listener the sensation of “i want more of this!”

What I most enjoyed listening to this band is the sudden tempo changes, not staying only in the Doom standards, showing us their Death Metal approach, very well composed, grunt voice, tight heavy guitars, great bass lines, and last, but not least, contundent drums, is clear the drummer guy hits the instrument with great strength, this is perfect for fans of Solitude Aeternus and old school Paradise Lost, I give to this demo a solid 9/10 and hope to hear more of this band in the near future. Tatgren


9/10 Epic Storm
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