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For today decided to talk about one band that I found a few days ago.

I found it cause I was checking my Bandcamp timeline and one of the tags that I follow suggested the band.
Since I’m a good fork (like we say in my country for people who likes to eat and eat a lot) and the name was suggestive, ahahahahahah, I decided to check it.

And voilá. The feast had begun. Eheheheh

I found a very good Black Metal with some Thrash Metal influences here and there and sometimes some riffs that would fit in a Punk band or some groove/core riffs in a few songs. The mix is not new, that is for sure, but the music played by these 3 persons managed to grab my attention.

As it looks the band started back in 2015, songs were recorded but never released and only last year the songs were released but only in digital format.

There are available two albums and one single.

Two of the members of Grillfeast are also members in one band that I managed to grab the physical release, the band is Ulvhedner. I think that all this is a coincidence, I mean the Bandcamp suggestion.

Anyway… Let me continue to write about Grillfeast.

The single…
Eingangsgrill is the name of the song.
It’s a typical Black Metal song. Not a song with blast beats, no elaborated riffs, etc, etc. It’s a mid-tempo song, very simple to be honest, but good. According to the info I managed to find, Eingangsgrill is the very first recording done in the name of Grillfeast, during November 2013.

The first album is named Fuck You Part 1 (I like the name by the way) was recorded in the rehearsal room of the band, the place is one basement, well is a place like many others, at least is away from humans. Eheheheh.
The songs were recorded between 2015 and 2017 on the first take. To be honest much better than many bands that I know playing live after many many rehearsals. Moving forward…

Eleven songs with almost 44min and a few more seconds are the playtime of the first album and as I said in the beginning, there is nothing new here, is the way they create the songs, the sound, the feeling that grabbed me. It’s simple but effective. Sometimes is only what a listener needs to enjoy the music.

The second and till now the latest album is named Part 2: Next in Line and it was recorded between 2015 and 2021.
In this album, you will notice more up and downs, not in the music quality, but in the sound quality. To be honest that is not affecting the music quality.

The playtime of this album is +/- the same as the previous one with almost 47min and it has again 11 songs and the cover artwork was made by Artem Astaroth.

Final words… Well…

I did enjoy it and cause of that I decided to share. Nothing new, like I said, not amazing or magnificent or even virtuous musicians playing a lot of notes, but 3 friends playing in one basement doing what they like.

Thanks to, Bukke Brutal – Guitars, Svidd Svor – Guitars, programming, and Bjarne Balle – Vocals & lyrics for sharing your music.


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