Astrophobos – Corpus

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Band: Astrophobos
Title: Corpus
Label: Triumvirate Records
Release date: 12 November 2021
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Music is a wonderful thing.

You always find some music, old or new for the mood that you are passing.
Yes, it’s true. And this time I choose Astrophobos from Sweden.

The reason was the name. I recognized. It’s a poem from H.P. Lovecraft. After digging more info about the band I saw that the lyrical theme was about it, and cosmic horror.

Unfortunately… I can’t understand what Mikael Broman, the vocalist, is saying cause he sings in Swedish. Anyway and moving forward…

This album was my first contact with Astrophobos and damn. I have been missing out on such good music.
The production of the album is very well balanced, you can understand correctly all instruments, the voice is not high, and the songs… Tchhhhh. Amazing.

The album starts with the song Corpus, the song that gives the album’s name. The way that started is “perfect”, a sick voice saying the name of the song several times while the rest of the instruments starts to appear. The guitar is the first with a killer riff. And when everything is there… Very good. A simple but effective riff, slower drum, but fits like a glove. The feeling, the tempo, the voice, guitar riff, the bass on the back, the drum, arghhhh. Love at the first time.

And then on the second track… What I was hoping for happens to be. Black Metal with blast beats, melody, tempo changes in songs, leads, and… What for me has always been an image of Black Metal coming from Sweden is present here.
Not only on this song but throughout the album. Oops… I think I’m talking too soon.

The third track “Till djupet” is one of the best songs I have heard this year and here is when I started to feel, listen to some influences or better say, bands that remind me. There are a few and all very good in my opinion but I will not mention them.

More four songs to listen to and my ears are screaming to my brain “Louder louder louder”.
“This album must be listened to louder”

I did the wish of my poor ears. Ahahahahahahah

And indeed. This album deserves that. Being playing loud, hope you have a good stereo to enjoy it (Yes, I’m an old school guy and still listen to music on the stereo).

My ears and my “soul” (if I still have it, or ever had, anyway…) are feeling so good, while the rest of the songs are playing and the sensation is amazing.

The songs are so good and flowing in such a pleasant way that when I realize it, it’s been almost 3 hours and I continue to listen to the album with enormous satisfaction as if it were the first time. Great. This hasn’t happened for a long time, despite having listened to many good albums. But the feeling of always being the first time…

Corpus, is an album with ups and downs, not referring to quality, but referring to changing times, extraordinary passages, that all together, makes an excellent album.

I strongly advise everyone to listen to this magnificent album.
Finally this year I found an album that I give and with no doubt… 10/10 The Key Keeper 666



10/10: Immortal Classic
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