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Hello there,

It’s Saturday, la lalalalalalala la lalala lala lalalalala (i’ts me trying to sing). Is the end of one hard week and the beginning of the rest ( I hope, lol). And music will be on my side. My love.

Band: Hexenbrett
Title: Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 22 October 2021
Country: Austria
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The band released the first work in 2018, It was an Ep, in 2020 the first and ’till now the first album, and this year the EP that I bring to you. Listening to this was like I returned to the end of 80s’ beginning of the 90s’. What a nostalgic moment and remembering good moments spent. The band plays a mix of Black Metal and Heavy Metal. Very good, and I loved the trumpet, congas and the metals mix on the music created by these 2 members. Very well done. A very good journey into music.

Band: She Said Destroy
Title: Succession
Label: Mas-Kina Recordings
Release date: 15 October 2021
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

In my opinion, Norway always released good music, in all music styles to be honest, not only in metal. Sometimes we just need to be an open mind and listen to… MUSIC. She Said Destroy is one of those bands. Moving inside the style… METAL. Yes. They have a bit of everything. They play Melodic Death, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Progressive, Atmospheric, Doom, Death Metal, Sludge, Groove, Crust, and the list could go on… Looks like a mixed salad? Well, yes, but is a very good mixed salad, to be honest. This is a true journey into metal and all metalheads should listen to it. In my opinion at least.

Band: Venefixion
Title: A Sigh from Below
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release date: 01 October 2021
Country: France
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The world is dying, there is no cure, everyone is dying. Damn, mankind is lost. But in France the vaccine was discovered. True story. So the vaccination started worldwide and… Some died (yeah) others survived. The liquid inside the syringe had the name “A Sigh from Below” and the laboratory had the name Venefixion. Of course, after the vaccination, my body had a reaction and voilá. I survived the plague that was killing everyone… And… Then I woke up… Ahahahahahah. Now, seriously even if what I wrote is very well said. Listen to this band. It’s a hell of an album. Very good indeed.

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