Białywilk – Próżnia

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Band: Białywilk
Title: Próżnia
Label: Vendetta Records
Release date: 01 October 2021
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

To start and after a few research, the band’s name…
Białywilk, means White Wolf and it is written in Polish.

To explain better, Marek Cimochowicz, the person behind the band Białywilk, was born in Poland and at this moment is living in the USA. I didn’t know anything about this person, I mean about music.

But… That was not true. I know one thing, or a few…

His main band is Vukari. There and since 2013 he is Guitars, Vocals till now, and Keyboards (on the first 3 releases).

Vukari is good, at least in my opinion. But I’m not reviewing Vukari but Marek Cimochowicz solo project… Białywilk… (Even if sometimes I found “something” that would fit there).

And what do I have here to “show” to you?
To start the second release from Białywilk and the first album.

This one-man band is traveling inside the Black Metal world, with some atmospheric behind it, very good riffs, very well done passages from riff to riff, a good voice, not a typical Black Metal voice but well achieved. and all this together made a good album.

You can also find some ambient music. Yes, the song “Próżnia I” is only that. Is an interlude in my opinion for what you will listen to. Like that was the end of the first part of the album and the passage to the second and last part of the album. Why I’m saying this? Well, cause the song that comes after “Próżnia I” is maybe the more “calm” song of the album.

This album doesn’t have up and down in the theme of quality. The virtue, talent, ability, aptitude, etc found in this album is very high, I can’t deny it. Is very well noticed that Marek Cimochowicz had a good inspiration to record this album.

It’s an album that I will listen to many times. That I can assure you.

Last info about this album.
Even if Marek Cimochowicz made the Music Composition, Guitars, Vocals he invited the session members John Kerr- Drums, Spenser Morris-Bass, and Synths on “Próżnia I” by Adam Harris.

Mixing and Mastering by Spenser Morris
Album Art by Nate Burns

(unfortunately couldn’t find any info about them, sorry).

To all of you. Thank you a lot for this album. 8/10 The Key Keeper 666



8/10 To greatness and glory!
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