Runescarred #Streaming

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Runescarred have released a dramatic new animated video for their high-speed, hard-hitting track, “Hexit”. Landing ahead of the re-release of their 2020 album The Distant Infinitefeaturing six new acoustic tracks, the new single is a spectacular eruption of heavy metal.

Watch the video here

The band comments: 

“”Hexit”, the song, is in the mold of a 1980s METALLICA album opener with soft-and-spooky quickly yielding to pent-up trash energy. Lyrically, it is the misanthropic launch pad for the journey to self-realization that occurs over the course of the record. “Hexit”, the video, portrays the genesis of that disgust in our fellow humans. The protagonist is lashing out at those who would wish to distract and manipulate us through unsavory means.”

The explosive track delivers intense technical guitar leads, delicious distorted guitar tones and enticing powerful vocals. The impressive animation accompaniment takes the listening experience to a new level. 



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