#TheGathering II – Thrash edition

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OK thrash maniacs get ready! Today we deliver a thrash metal edition of our new weekly feature ‘The Gathering’, which aims to showcase a hand-picked selection of killer new material from a specific metal subgenre.

So for those who prefer their metal sharp, furious, and full of mad shredding delivered at the speed of sound, buckle up and prepare to feel the metaphoric g-force of some serious brain-scrambling new thrash releases.

Band: Killing
Title: Face the Madness
Label: Mighty Music
Released: 13 August 2021
Country: Denmark

Face the Madness” is the debut album for Danish thrash masters Killing. With this album you can expect vicious, to the point classic thrash with bold, in your face riffing, solos, and catchy hooks. There’s also loads of outrageous evil-worship made obvious by song titles such as “Don’t Get Mad, Get Eviland “Kill Everyone”. Killing’s style of thrash certainly honours the old school and the band themselves say that they formed “with the sole purpose of writing uncompromising thrash metal, as in the good old days”. Well, achievement unlocked guys! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Band: Nocturnal
Title: Serpent Death
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Released: 27 August 2021
Country: Germany

For over twenty years Germany’s Nocturnal have been spreading heretical, irreverent blackened thrash throughout the metal world and this week they have unveiled their fourth album “Serpent Death”. If you like speed, dynamic guitar riffing, unholy vocals, and shades of early Slayer all slamming at you in a barrage of focused anger then this is for you. This is truly an immaculate offering and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Band: Prayers of Sanity
Title: Doctrine of Misanthropy
Label: Rastilho Records
Released: 25 June 2021
Country: Portugal

Did someone order ferocious eighties-esque thrash of the raucous, break-neck variety? Because that is exactly what Prayers of Sanity are serving up. “Doctrine of Misanthropy” is the fourth album, in a string of strong releases from the Portuguese thrash metal act. This thrilling album spews non-stop hyper-energetic aggression from open to close. There’s no need for me to bang on about this one as it’s straight up thrash so you know what to expect. Get into it!

Band: Hellcrash
Title: Krvcifix Invertör
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Released: 27 August 2021 (Vinyl Release)
Country: Italy

Hellcrash are an Italian speed metal trio who have been whipping up mayhem since 2013 and this week Dying Victims Productions offered a vinyl release (black and a limited run of red vinyl) for their debut album “Krvcifix Invertör”. The album was originally unleashed in digital format in February and dishes up dirty, satanic old school speed metal that is pure and unapologetic Venom worship. As you may well expect that translates to crude, gritty, seedy, trashy metal fun! The perfect kind of album for vinyl format. To sweeten the deal, the special edition red vinyl release includes a patch, poster, post card, sticker, insert and download code. Get your greasy hands on a copy and get thrashing.

Band: Hypnosia
Title: Extreme Hatred
Label: Hammerheart Records
Released: 23 July 2021
Country: Sweden

Last month Swedish thrash act Hypnosia released a deluxe remastered re-issue of their highly acclaimed and brutal debut album “Extreme Hatred”. Originally released back in 2000, to well-deserved rave reviews, this album will lash you with a rabid, rapid-fire thrash onslaught. The sound is classic, polished and the execution is flawless. There’s a nod to the old masters here, most notably Kreator, so this should please fans of that golden age (wink wink) of the subgenre.

The re-issued album has received an upgrade with all audio being remastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio (Trouble, Pestilence, Malevolent Creation, Dead Head). It features the original killer cover art and is available in both CD and LP formats. The LPs are available in a few varieties including: transparent red, splatter (clear, red, green), and black. Hopefully, with this re-issue, this largely overlooked album will get the attention it deserved twenty years ago.

Band: Toxic Ruin
Title: Nightmare Eclipse
Label: M-Theory Audio
Released: 27 August 2021
Country: United States

Wisconsin thrash/ death collective Toxic Ruin released their second album “Nightmare Eclipse” this week. This album wraps classic energetic thrash and old school heavy riffing in a fabric of contemporary face-melting technical guitar magic. The band maintains their speed and intensity from start to end, so listeners should be prepared to bring ample stamina to the turntable.

The incredibly striking cover art was created by San Diego based illustrator Mark Richards (Heavy Hand Illustration) who has worked with noteworthy clients such as Municipal Waste, Primus, Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer. This one is definitely worth a spin!

Band: Bonehunter
Title: Dark Blood Reincarnation System
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Released: 20 August 2021
Country: Finland

Finnish blackened speed metal/ metalpunk trio Bonehunter are back with their fourth full-length album. The band’s sound has evolved wildly over their decade-long career but here we find a maniacal, thrashy, punky metal frenzy complete with jaunty up-tempo, catchy riffs and skilful solos.

With all the madness, there’s still enough melody to keep from being too chaotic. This was my first introduction to the band and it was a fun experience, leaving me motivated enough to look into their back catalogue.

Band: Infex
Title: Burning in Exile
Label: Independent
Released: 13 August 2021
Country: United States

Burning in Exile” is the third album for Californian thrashers Infex. Formed in 2010, these metal madmen serve up classic 80s-style US thrash with a few deathy/ blackened trimmings here and there. It’s immediately obvious that these guys have been immersed in the scene for decades as every track let’s you know that you are in the hands of veterans. This album is pure heavy thrashing fun of the nostalgia-inducing variety and well worth a spin. Switch on and thrash out!

Band: Sacrifixion
Title: Shower Me In Death
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Released: 20 August 2021
Country: Germany

Shower Me In Death” is the new four-track EP and debut release for the German blackened death thrashers Sacrifixion. The newly formed band features underground maestros (ex-Cruel Force, Nocturnal, Front Beast etc) and dispenses a deliciously dirty, rough, old school sound with all the vocal grunts, wails and squeals that you crave from this rapid-fire style of blackened thrash. I was worried that the fourteen minute run time may leave me lusting for more but as each frenzied minute is exploited to the fullest I was left thoroughly battered and extremely satisfied. This is an incredible debut effort and one worthy of attention.

Band: Antologi
Title: Chronicles of Catastrophe
Label: Vrykoblast Productions
Released: 17 June 2021
Country: Singapore

Singapore death thrashers Antologi recently released their third album ‘Chronicles of Catastrophe’. The band, who formed back in 2009, have gone through a series of transformations during their career, with multiple line up changes as well as a major evolution in their sound. In it’s first manifestation, Antologi performed strictly heavy thrash but now they offer more of a contemporary sounding death-thrash fusion. “Chronicles of Catastrophe” is a solid effort and delivers plenty of fast, catchy riffs with a healthy dose of face-smashing death. The vocals are more of a death style and some tracks lean much heavier into the death elements than others. I must admit that I’m more drawn to their thrashy numbers, for example “The Forsaken Ones” is a stand out for me. The clean, elaborate guitar work along with the sharp production gives the album an overall contemporary feel. So if you’re after something with a little more death and a modern edge this may appeal to you.

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