Confused #Streaming

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Crossover thrash/hardcore punk band, Confused, return highly powered sounding, louder and angrier than ever with their new album “Riot”.  


This album reflects on issues happening in today’s world and also songs with humor. Killer fast short circle pit songs with groove to make you move. Over all very proud of these record me and my guys Bert Cantu and Arnold Garza completed and hope everyone enjoys it.” Al Del Barrio

“I’m stoked to get our new album Riot in the hands of the fans. Riot has a mix of old school punk and crossover thrash with grooves that will make you want to jump in the circle pit or take a bad-ass stage dive. We’ve never been shy about expressing what’s on our minds and these songs definitely reflect where we are in 2021 after all the bullshit we’ve all experienced in the last couple years. Confused is excited to get back on the road and destroy stages with these new songs for the fans this fall!” –  Al Del Barrio (Vocals)

Originally formed in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley in 1988 by front man and songwriter Al Del Barrio, the band draw influences from classic acts such as M.O.D., Agnostic Front and D.R.I. Over their career, expanding more than three decades, the outfit have powered through times of difficulty and continue to push themselves further with each release. “Riot” is no different delivering an onslaught of sounds.  From the opening track, ‘Chaos’, with a catchy chorus hook through to the overdrive fueled ‘I Love Hardcore’, this album is constantly throwing punches. The intense energy firing out of each track obliterates anything in its path. The aggressive sound delves into the realms of ludicrous thrash tempos and powerful punk angst.

“Riot” leaves no prisoners rushing through the chaos of the past year in blast of thrash and hardcore punk. It’s over the top and Confused’s sense of humor shines through. Heavy, hard hitting and utterly hypnotic, “Riot” is a release jam packed full of high-speed fun.


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